Aga Hob Covers: Magnetic Ones – Brilliant For All Aga Owners

August 15, 2018

This article was written for Annabel & Grace, which is now part of Rest Less.

Ever since Aga were forced to remove the tags from their Aga hob covers for the chrome hot lids, as Health and Safety said this made them a danger to us Aga owners. Has Health and Safety had to deal with an Aga cover that slips around sometimes getting caught under the lid itself and thus burning. The whole point of them is that they protect the lids, which are very hot, and we can put dishes on them which do not therefore scratch the lids or slide off. The latter is much more dangerous to an Aga owner. However I liken this to the situation in our home town where the one way traffic system was devised by a man who did not then hold a driving license. So maybe Health and Safety don’t know what an Aga hob cover is for.

Two blue check Aga hob covers from InchyraAnyway some bright spark out there, instead of muttering and grumbling like me about the lack of tags has designed a new Aga cover that stays in place at all times even when you open the lid. It is magnetic. Brilliant, simple but solves all our problems.The company that designs and produces these Aga hob covers is Inchyra Home. They have designed and made them in fabrics that Aga owners will like. They are £34  for a pair of Aga hob covers and they come with a year guarantee. They also sell the replacement magnets for £2.50.

Inchyra Home are based in the heart of Perthshire in Scotland. Inchyra, family home of James and Caroline, Lord & Lady Inchyra, is a very special place and is the inspiration behind the varied businesses that are run there.

Inchyra Home was established in February 2016 to sell this exclusive collection of luxury home wares andDuck egg blue with raspberry flowers Aga hob cover accessories. Inchyra Home takes from the aesthetic of both the classic Regency Inchyra House and the rustic style of the award winning Byre at Inchyra, offering a style that bridges both the traditional and modern. As Caroline Inchyra says: “We first of all made these things for ourselves because we needed them or wanted them, so we know they’re useful and we also know that they are beautifully made. It’s lovely that we are now able to make them available to everyone.” Many of the designs are made using Inchyra’s own linens and everything has been developed or sourced through a love of the best traditions in fabrics, materials and makers.

The family’s fabric and interiors company Inchyra produces a range of highly specialised artisanal linens and wools, created by Caroline Inchyra. Inchyra fabrics have been described by Maude Smith at World of Interiors as “utterly beautiful”.

So they do far more than just magnetic Aga hob covers – they make cushions, cosmetic bags, throws, fabric – everything for the home. It is a wonderful website to go gift shopping…….for yourself!

P.S. I do not think they are aware that there are Aubergine coloured Aga owners but I will be patient and hope that the Aga hob covers for the aubergine Aga are still on the drawing board and coming soon.

Go to the Inchyra website to view the full collection. Click HERE.

For more desirable items for your house and garden click HERE.

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