Beauty Pie – A Genius Idea For Every Beauty Addict

March 9, 2018

This article was written for Annabel & Grace, which is now part of Rest Less.

Beauty Pie / club for beauty addicts / Wellbeing CountryWives

Beauty Pie is a another genius idea from genius Marcia Kilgore (Bliss, Soap & Glory, FitFlop, Soaper Duper). Beauty Pie could best be described as a BUYERS CLUB FOR BEAUTY ADDICTS. Now I know we are all nervous about signing up for something and committing ourselves to a regular monthly payment and this applies even when you know that you will definitely be purchasing this product/service every month. However Beauty Pie is a completely different concept as you have a monthly payment of £10 and this gives you access to the Beauty Pie exclusive products at a ridiculously low price.

You can find out what a luxury product – coming straight off the line, in simple classic packaging – actually costs (the product, packaging, shipping, storage). You can see the transparent factory cost breakdown of every item they offer, and then buy your favourites for the same.

Most of what you pay for when you buy a high-priced beauty product is called LMAO i.e. Landfill, Marketing, Overhead and Marketing. 10% of the retail price is the actual cost of the beauty product you are buying. So that £100 miracle cream is £90 for all the hype and £10 for the cream. Apparently If you want to survive as a brand, your cost of goods can never be higher than 10%. Now that has made you sit up and think.

The product range has been carefully chosen and there is everything that you could want for your skincare and make-up routine.

Every Beauty Pie skincare product is a hero. We’ve gone to the best Swiss labs, and one of our favourites in England, and we launched with the nine products that made our must-have list. These are the formulas that every tester ended up using until the jar/tube/dropper bottle ran dry, the ones that people kept ‘forgetting’ to bring back in, if they were supposed to ‘handover’ to another team member.

If you are not sure of the commitment then you can buy the products at full price to try them out before you decide to become a member (or not). I can guarantee that it won’t take long to convert you.

I have bought the FUTURE LIPSTICK™ LUXE SHINE in Naked Pink for £3.13 and it is perfect. It comes in a small black case, that is not weighted (a beauty industry con to make you think it is expensive) and the lid snaps on and does not fall off in your make-up bag, one of my pet hates of lipsticks. Also the 3g size means you use it all up before it has any chance of drying out.

Beauty Pie / club for beauty addicts / Wellbeing CountryWives

I am addicted to the SUPER RETINOL ANTI-AGING HAND TREATMENT for £5.78. We all know that Retinol is the number one ingredient to keep those lines at bay and yet we all concentrate, understandably on our faces and forget our hands which can be a real giveaway of our age. It is moisturising with no fragrance which I like as I wear perfume and don’t want a ‘fragrance fight’ going on.

Beauty Pie has added a Japanese range of skincare – Japanfusion™ – with NMF-boosting ingredients for barrier repair, jabara fruit extract for Vitamin C, and an amazing antioxidant grape extract, this is J-Beauty skincare at its epitome. A supreme four-step collection of highly refined deep acting moisture boosting formulas, in an easy step by step kit, plus a fabulous hybrid facial-oil-meets-serum. This could be a great range to give your skin a Spring boost.

The only, and I mean only, catch is that there is a minimum 3 month membership before you can unsubscribe. But if you have bought 2 hand creams, one for you and one for your beauty addicted friend, then you are still in the credit so to speak as they are only £5.78. No-one wants to admit to being a beauty addict as it sounds self-indulgent and vain however Beauty Pie gives you access to the best products at a fraction of the cost so no guilt – what could be better?

You can shop Beauty Pie skincare (and makeup) at regular prices (where the 10 percent rule has been applied), or JOIN BEAUTY PIE by clicking HERE and access the straight-off-the-production line actual factory costs, with no middlemen, no mumbo jumbo, no markup. What are you waiting for?

Beauty Pie / club for beauty addicts / Wellbeing CountryWives

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