Bedroom Quick Fixes That Will Make It Look Much Better

August 18, 2018

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If your bedroom is looking a little tired and worn, try some of these bedroom quick fixes. They are easy ways to freshen things up and give the room a bit of a lift. None of them are expensive and are well within the capabilities of most DIYers.

Bedroom quick fixes

Spruce up the flooring and skirtings:

Flooring is an important element of any room. It takes up a high percentage of the cube, so if it is looking tired and worn the whole room suffers.

Sometimes simply buying new rugs will work just fine. Other times you will need to update your flooring. In a bedroom, carpeting is a nice option. But, laminate floors look good too and are much easier to keep clean.

Don’t forget to paint or update the skirting too. If it is scuffed, dented or dated it will really spoil the look of your new floor. You can easily buy sloping / chamfered skirting board online. Typically, it is made from MDF, which means you do not need any special carpentry skills or tools to be able to install it.

New bedding:

New bedlinen / Bedroom quick fixesOf course, some new bedding will help too. If you can afford to do so treat yourself to some high-quality linen. It looks much better and feels nicer too. Bear in mind that you spend about a third of your life in bed. That gives you the perfect excuse to go ahead and spoil yourself a little. Plus, good-quality always lasts longer than the cheap bedding sets do.

Add a nice chair:

If you do not already have a comfy chair in your bedroom, consider adding one. You will be surprised at how often you use it.
It is really nice to have somewhere quiet that you can retire to for an hour when things get a bit frenetic. The right one will take up just a corner of your bedroom. If you like to put your feet up when you read or Three ideas for reading corners / Bedroom quick fixeswork, look for one that has a footrest that slides under the actual chair. There are lots of approaches you could take. Sometimes you can create a nice reading or chill/out nook without having to actually buy a chair. You can find out how online.

Improve the storage:

It is really hard to relax in an untidy space. If you have clothes everywhere, and your bedside table is groaning under the weight of bits and bobs try to throw some things away. Alternatively, install some more storage.

Make the room darker:

If you find yourself struggling to get to sleep or frequently wake up with the dawn, the problem may be too much light. Go around and cover all of those little red standby lights with dark stickers. You will only realise just how distracting they are when you cover them all up.

Also, treat yourself to new blinds or curtains. Make sure that the window coverings you choose are big enough and thick enough to block out all of the daylight. Most people find that doing this makes it much easier for them to stay asleep.

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