Bras for Mature Women. Calling comfort seekers

April 7, 2023

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Bras. A subject close to our bosoms! I was flat chested in my early teens. I still remember a time when I stuffed my bikini top with tissues in an effort to appear as if I had some halfway decent sized breasts. Unfortunately, I once forgot the stuffing was there and went swimming – only to find a super embarrassing trail of soggy paper in the chlorinated water behind me.

Then something really weird happened.

Must have been about seventeen and suddenly a bosom started forming. After that, there was no stopping my mammaries and, to my surprise, I was suddenly well endowed. Annabel was also flat chested to begin with, but hers didn’t sprout until she had her children. Apparently her (now grown up) daughters recently remarked on the ‘vast’ size of hers compared to theirs (their time will come!)

Bras for Mature Women. Calling comfort seekers
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How many times have you looked at a picture of yourself and thought, ‘they’re looking a bit droopy’. As with other areas of our body we do change shape, lose or gain weight and yet we fail to acknowledge this with our bras. You don’t squeeze your bum into a pair of trousers that are too small and pinch do you? Nor, I’m guessing, do you wear a pair of trousers that are baggy and saggy! So why do we not take this care and attention with our bras?

Bras for Mature Women. Calling comfort seekers

Finding the perfect bra should be a must and yet it seems that our lingerie choices can be quite haphazard. Apparently 70% of us wear too small a size and 10% too large. It’s easy to be distracted by a particularly pretty bra, even though it may not have a hope in hell of supporting you properly or being comfortable.

A well fitting bra is essential for mature women. It does a vital job of supporting our breasts which can weigh anything between about 500g for B/C cups, to 2kg for G+ cup. It can also alleviate back, shoulder and neck pains. And, of course, can improve our body shape by accentuating our waist.

Plus it’s not uncommon to increase two cup sizes during the menopause. So it’s a good idea to double check your size before buying a new bra. Best not to rely on an existing bra that fits well because it may well have stretched or shrunk in the wash.

Apparently there’s been a distinct hoik in non-wired bra sales. New developments in bra design coupled with new technology fabrics, means you can now obtain full support without underwires rubbing against your ribcage, whatever your size. I can see the appeal as like many women I’m the type who cannot wait to unhook at the end of the day. So, for that blissful no-bra feeling, I think non-wired bras are the way to go for many of us. Here are a few I’ve spotted that have had good reviews that you might like to consider:

1. Flexifit™ Crop Top 8 colours to choose from. Reviews for this bestseller are glowing. Having worn this bra for a couple of years now, I can vouch that they are much tougher than they look ie they wash and wear really well. Definitely recommend going up one size. Full cup coverage, with non-wired, non-padded cups that are removable. Made with Flexifit™ fabric for a second-skin feel and featuring an innovative and super comfortable gel underband which moves with you while offering excellent comfort and support. £22. Sizes 8 – 22.

2. The Lovely Lace Support bra £45 from Miss Mary. Exceptional fit with extra side wings which smooth out the lumps and bumps. Also features padded side support which gives your bust a great shape. Comfortable padded shoulder straps. Can be washed on 40 degree cycle.

3. Fantasie impression bralette. Wide elastic underband for support. Soft elastics and brushed lining offer complete comfort. Three colourways. Wide elastic underband and a brushed inner lining for a soft feel against your skin. Available up to an H cup. £16.80 SHOP NOW

4. Navy Bon Prix Pack of two – some interesting colours available. £22. SHOP NOW

Bras for Mature Women. Calling comfort seekers

5. Sloggi Zero Feel bra. £35 Made from soft jersey, this is a seamfree design for complete freedom of movement and comfort. The flattering v shape neckline has removable pads to lift and enhance your bust.

Bras for Mature Women. Calling comfort seekers

Last but not least, did you know that you can recycle your old bras? For every tonne collected, £700 will be donated to Against Breast Cancer for much needed research. For more info on this bra recycling and how it works follow this link.

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