Dog Buddy For Your Pooch When You Are Out Or Away?

August 3, 2018

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I love my dogs but they are a huge commitment. I would never want to be without a dog but sometimes they can be a bit of a tie as they stop me doing anything spontaneously. If I need to go out for the day and have to leave them behind I need someone to come and sit with them, to be their dog buddy, if it is more than 4 hours. This summer has been particularly tricky as you cannot leave them shut up if their dog room gets at all hot. I prefer to leave them with the run of the house and the garden.

Now my dogs are precious so I need a dog buddy that is reliable, safe and loves my dogs. Now there is a company that provides this service and guess what they are called It is a service that is available online and there is also an app.

Dog Buddy service / dog sitting or walking

The company was founded in 2013 by entrepreneur Richard Setterwall after he struggled to find a sitter for his own dog. Friends and family were unavailable and he didn’t want to leave his dog in a kennel die to the stress it would caused. Realising that there are hundreds of willing and experienced dog sitters out there, he came up with a simple and efficient way of connecting dog owners and dog sitters. Since then DogBuddy has grown into a community of nearly a million dog lovers across eight countries.

Golden Doodle / dog buddy

My dog Kobi

Of course our dogs are very precious to us so we need to know that these dog sitters have been properly vetted. Every sitter has to complete an assessment and create a profile that is then manually checked and approved by DogBuddy. In fact only 10% of applications are approved, which ensures every sitter is of the highest quality. Also as a double reassurance, the bookings are made securely online, meaning they are covered by DogBuddy’s £2,000 vet and £1.7m public liability insurance.

DogBuddy sitters have access to a special 24/7 vet line so if they are concerned about your dog they can get expert advice immediately.

The service is very simple to use either online or via the app. Just enter your postcode and the dates you need help and you’ll be shown a list of available sitters in your area. You can read reviews from other dog owners, see pictures of their home (if they dog sit at their home rather than yours). Some offer the service of a dog walk, some will stay in your home if you feel that is more settling for your dog. Others will offer the companionship of their own dog if that is what your dog would enjoy. It is suggested that you have a meet and greet before your booking to make sure that everyone gets along.

Dog Buddy service / dog sitting or walking

Finally if you are really worried your sitter will send pictures, videos or even GPS tracked walks if that is what will make you more relaxed about leaving your dog. After a while I am sure you will build up a relationship with one or two trusted DogBuddy sitters and you will be very happy to leave your pooch in their care.

Click HERE to go through to the DogBuddy website.

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