How to Dry Clean Clothes at Home

March 24, 2023

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I know everything is shooting up in price, but dry cleaning charges seems to have gone sky-high. So I have taken to using some alternatives, which include spot cleaning and at-home kits. They may not be quite as good, but my bank account is much happier.

dry clean clothes

Dry cleaning kits like Dryel’s At-Home Dry Cleaner Starter Kit come with everything you need for a similar dry cleaning experience at home: a stain remover, bag, cleaning clothes and an odour and wrinkle releaser. Here’s how to get the most effective refresh:

  1. Treat stains with the stain-removing pen and spray high-odour areas with the odour releaser spray.
  2. Stick up to five garments in the bag with the cleaning cloth and tumble them in the dryer. The heat and tumbling of the dryer activate the cleaning cloth, releasing trapped odours and freshening the fabric.
  3. Remove the clothes promptly and get rid of any remaining wrinkles or odours with the spray.

N.B. The multi-use Fabric Protection Bag protects clothing from the heat of the dryer, which can cause shrinking and fading and keeps the cleaning vapour contained for maximum penetration of the clothes.

No kit, no problem: Follow these steps to spruce up your “dry clean only” items.

wrinkle releaser, dry clean
  1. Remove stains from garments. Just to be safe, test the stain remover on a hidden spot of the fabric and look for water spotting or colour loss. Fibres like silk and rayon may be damaged by at-home stain removal products.
  2. Freshen fabrics, remove wrinkles and get rid of unwanted odours with a garment steamer like BEAUTURAL Steamer for Clothes, or a spray like Downy Wrinkle Releaser. Always test the products on a hidden spot of the fabric first. The Downy Wrinkle Releaser comes in a travel size which would be so handy.
  3. Some fabrics, like knits and other lightweight fabrics, can also be de-wrinkled in the dryer. Stick your items in a wash bag and add a wet washcloth, hand towel or ice cubes to the dryer to speed up the process.
spot cleaner, dry clean

I have also found a handy little spot cleaner, Tide To Go, that I carry in my handbag for those splashes of Bolognese sauce etc. Best to clean immediately before the stain sets in.

“This pen got chocolate ice cream off my daughter’s wedding dress! Amazing had a crowd round watching it disappear.” Quote from a verified purchaser.

Remember: This is only an interim solution until your next visit to the dry cleaner. There’s no other way to really make your garments look and smell like new.

Final tip: don’t buy garments that are ‘dry clean only’.

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