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August 5, 2022

This article was written for Annabel & Grace, which is now part of Rest Less.

Internet shopping has become second nature to so many of us, but with such an abundance of choice, sometimes it’s hard to know where to start. To compound matters, everything gets glowing reviews but how much do we have in common with strangers claiming that such and such a product is a must-have? And are those reviews genuine? Well, the good news is that the A&G team is made up of mature women like you, so here are a few great value products that we are currently enjoying using which we think you might like to hear about:

Stay All Day Lasting Colour Lipstick – my current fave lipstick is Soft Coral which is such a pretty summer colour. The Look Fabulous Forever website guides you on which colour will suit you which is really useful. Most importantly you pop this on and it hydrates your lips AND stays on for ages… win, win.

If you are looking to add volume and strength to your hair check out Look Fabulous Forever’s new haircare collection which is on special offer at the moment.

Pifco fan – we mentioned this bit of kit in a recent newsletter but in case you missed that… Marvellous-Mother-In-Law found this quiet little fan which charges up like a phone (runs for 9.5 hours), meaning you can pick it up and pop it anywhere it’s needed without having to plug it in. Three speeds, tilt angle and a light.

So far she’s used it to keep cool in the garden, while cooking various scrummy things in her kitchen and at night (which is when the light is so handy). From Amazon £25.99.

Wunderlift You just pat a little of this tinted serum under your eyes and it gently tightens your skin (not an unpleasant feeling at all btw) so that finer lines temporarily disappear (for upto 8 hours). During this hot weather I’m wearing hardly any make up (or as my friend Geraldine calls it “level one make up”) so this Wunderlift has been a bonus. £20 from the Wunderbrow website.

And talking of Geraldine, she also has a recommendation for you:

I was with my friend Ange the other day and mourning the loss of my eyelashes: “What happened?” I wailed. “They used to be so thick and luscious I hardly needed a mascara!” She raised one perfectly shaped brow and gave me a look (the one that says ‘You got older, that’s what happened’) and pulled a mascara out of her bag. “I really rate this,” she said. “Why don’t you try it?” Just like Katie Boyle.

Prime Prometics makes make-up for women aged 50+. I sent off immediately but, here’s the thing, don’t be impatient – it’s an American company. I meant to note how long the order took, but didn’t – it was around 10 days. But it was worth the wait. I’m delighted with my PrimeLash mascara – it goes on easily, lifts, separates and extends my eyelashes. What, you may say, makes it better than any other mascara that I can buy around the corner? Avocado oil, olive oils and the richness of the EFAs. It is all on the Prime Prometics website; they stock interesting products and support several pro-age charities.

AromaWorks Essential Oil Diffuser Was doing some IRL shopping in Waitrose for my Wrinklies (that’s my nickname for my nonagenarian parents) and came across this room fragrance diffuser. I have been thinking about getting something like this for ages but they are usually clumpy/ugly/need plugging in to an electrical socket. You can charge this one up like a phone or use 3 x AAA batteries. It works like a dream – set for ‘on’ or ’15 mins on, 15 mins off’. I found it really effective at fragrancing a room when I added about 10 drops to the little pad under the cover (in other words don’t stint on the essential oil ‘dosage’). Got a pleasant surprise when I initially turned on mine – the coloured lights morph from one hue to another in a gentle wave motion (which also reminds you to switch it off – if your memory is anything like mine you’ll agree this is useful!) £15 from Waitrose. Essential oils (smell lovely) also available £10 but you may already have some that you could use.

After filling my car up with petrol the other day (heaves sigh as bank balance depletes) I was wishing there was an Aldi nearer to me – mine is at least 35 minutes drive away. But at least there’s always online shopping so, once home, I revved up my computer to buy three of my favourite Aldi products: Excellent value (and excellent tasting) Costa Rica coffee (60 pods for just £11.94); some pomegranate hand wash £2.49 and a set of three Lime Basil and Mandarin diffusers for just £10.47.

Flatform trainers I can’t stop wearing my snazzy new red trainers from Artichoke Collection. They are super comfortable, bright red and make me feel ten years younger when I have them on. Also available in khaki, black or white. £29.

One last thing – and thanks go to Susie for showing me this nifty way to hull strawberries – not just the greenery at the top, but the pale and tasteless core of the fruit too. Simply gently push a metal straw from the pointy end up to the top of each fruit. Works brilliantly and I found it quite a relaxing thing to do between sips of Kylie’s rosé (delish and currently on offer at £7 per bottle at Sainsburys, Asda and Morrisons) £2.99 for straws and brush cleaner from Amazon

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