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May 20, 2022

This article was written for Annabel & Grace, which is now part of Rest Less.

I have not written a Lifestyle Essentials post for some time and I have to tell you that it was some very simple socks from Marks and Spencer that inspired me to do so this time. We like to share all those tried and tested recommendations for useful new products that we find out about when chatting with our girlfriends. This sort of information is invaluable as it’s all about someone like you passing on really useful knowledge. So here are some of my recent purchases for us slightly older women that are making my life easier and more fun!

Trainer Socks from M&S

About this time of year, I take my feet out of ankle boots and start wearing trainers/sneakers/pumps. However, I don’t know about you but barefoot in trainers often makes my feet a little sweaty so I like to wear some of those liner socks. I have bought many pairs over the years but all of them slide off during the day and are quite irritating so I end up ditching them. Then I saw these ones from Marks & Spencers and thought these look a little different so why not give them a whirl. What a joy, they stay put due to a silicone blobby bit in the heel (no idea what the technical description is), so they do not slide off my heel and, due to anti-bacterial and Freshfeet technology, these trainer liners keep my feet cool and sweat-free. And they stay completely hidden so what is there not to love. Summer shoe problems solved!

Nonna Tonda Pasta Sauces

As those who read our magazine regularly will know that our house has a revolving front door. Our children come and go very regularly and so often by the end of the week, I have had enough of cooking. So this is where Nonna Tonda helps. A delivery once a week, ready to cook and eat in under five minutes, for that day when I am invaded by visiting family.

My sister-in-law put me onto this company. By way of introduction, Nonna Tonda offer a new customer a 50% discount on the first four orders plus free delivery. She recommends it for its delicious pasta and sauces and I cannot wait for my first order. There are vegetarian options and you can order for 2 or 4. We all need a day off and respite from the kitchen and this is so much cheaper than a take-away and probably a lot healthier.

Common CBD water

CBD has always been a bit of a mystery to me. At first I thought it was some sort of drug but once enlightened I realised the benefits of taking it. However, I do not want to take another pill as I will rattle soon with all my anti-Covid/ageing/dementia supplements. So when one of the founders of CBD Common, a friend of my eldest daughter, introduced me to Common CBD I thought I would give it a try.

What does it do for you?

It helps with sleep, stress and anxiety. You may not think you suffer from any of these but you would be surprised. It may be that your stress levels are lower than say a neuro-surgeon facing a day of operations. However, I know that as with all of my girlfriends we live a life packed with events. Gone are the days of retirement at 60 years, nap in the afternoon and an early night. No, we are the generation looking after our elderly relatives, maybe also helping with grandchildren whilst probably also working, albeit part-time or doing charity work and then falling asleep, exhausted, in front of the television.

Why would you want to drink Common CBD over the other CBD drinks on offer?

It is the only CBD drink that is not flavoured i.e. it is completely tasteless which I prefer as I can drink it all day and not feel I am pumping flavourings that possibly contain sugar into my body.

They use locally sourced spring water from the English countryside, filtered for thousands of years through the area’s unique mix of limestone and other minerals. Once extracted from the wells, the water is triple filtered before being mixed wTHE MODERN FLOWER PRESSith their other ingredients and bottled in an aluminium recyclable bottle which is also resealable so can be reused numerous times.

Our broad-spectrum CBD formula contains a range of naturally occurring cannabinoids, including CBG, which helps deliver enhanced benefits. Our formula contains no THC or CBN, making it safe and non-psychoactive.

Try it for yourself and see if it helps. It has certainly helped me to feel more relaxed, especially on those days when I think about how am I going to get it all done. Visit the Common CBD website.


Melissa Richardson and Amy Fielding, of renowned London florists JamJar Flowers, have shared their knowledge of all things floral, reinventing the traditional art of flower pressing into a very modern form that celebrates the colour, shape and beauty of flowers.

Their book would make a wonderful gift for anyone and especially those who are interested in this craft. This is not just about how to press flowers as it is also about what ways your pressed flowers can be used. Suggestions range from decorating lampshades or furniture, to letters and glass bauble decorations, napkins, coasters and gift wrapping.

A pressed flower is like a memory; and like memories they change and fade over time. By cutting a flower and pressing it we are extending its life and defying nature.

The Authors

To get started you need very few tools: flower press, screws, wing nuts and washers, blotting paper and card, scissors, masking tape, pencil and paper towels. Then armed with this book you will be led through the process with many individual flowers from Snowdrops to Roses and all the tips and tricks from pressing to storing. If you purchase this book you will be embarking on a journey full of joy and achievement.



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