A few products that will help you on these grey days to see better

January 7, 2022

This article was written for Annabel & Grace, which is now part of Rest Less.

We are back with our Lifestyle Essentials section. In this section we try to find useful new products that will make people’s lives easier so I thought as 2022 has begun with some very grey days it would be a good time to talk about the difficulties I have with seeing particularly when applying make-up or reading.

Sometimes I enjoy not having 20/20 vision when I can’t see dust or cobwebs that I have missed. But more recently, I struggled to put my make-up on successfully or pluck my eyebrows without pinching my skin. As for reading a book, I need strong sunlight, which is not readily available in January in the U.K., or a powerful reading light. However, over the years, I have found some great products make it all so easy.


I could not live without my Simple Human Sensor magnifying mirror in the mornings in the mornings. While a lighted make-up mirror may seem a little, well, extra, the one simple product can truly make all the difference between makeup that looks amazing and makeup that looks… less than such. Sure, in an ideal world, you’d have the best natural lighting in which to apply your foundation and blush every day, but realistically, that’s probably not the case. Good lighting is imperative for helping you do a better job with your makeup, and a light-up mirror makes it easy to have just that, no matter where you are.

For the Simple Human Sensor Magnifying mirror,, SHOP HERE

The Sensor Human Sensor mirror magnifies, lights up and is even more helpful if you need glasses as I do. This does the job perfectly, sometimes a little too perfect, as it doesn’t let my eyes miss anything! At our age, a good mirror is essential,, and with one of these, you will not miss a little stray hair…..and there are plenty of those, not just around our brows!

There is a bit of a price reduction on the Simple Human website so click HERE to look. They have free-standing as well as wall-mounted versions.

However, since I bought mine there have been many more much cheaper versions, some with a higher magnification which is quite scary. I don’t think I want to see my face in any more detail. But still the prices are good and there is a great choice on Amazon. Click HERE.

If you are looking for one to take with you on holiday there is the Tweezerman x15 LED Light Up Mirror, £24 from Boots, which is good value for money. It also comes with suction cups to stick to any mirror or window.

For more tips on eyebrow shaping, click HERE for our previous article.


My next issue is curling up on the sofa on a grey afternoon with a good book and finding you cannot see the words on the page properly. Some time ago I was lucky enough to review the Serious Reader Lights and I now could not do without my Alex Light especially at this time of year.

Serious Lights are all about clarity. They are used to illuminate space craft, provide reassurance on the bridges of RNLI lifeboats and shine unfailing light on instrument panels in air traffic control situations. Whether drawing out the finest of microscopic detail in forensic science laboratories, or delivering life-saving surgical clarity in operating theatres, Serious is the light of choice.

To read my full review in an earlier article click HERE.

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