Slipping shoes – we have found the solution

March 4, 2017

This article was written for Annabel & Grace, which is now part of Rest Less.

Have you ever suffered from wearing heels and they slip off one of your feet at the back however a size smaller would kill your other foot. I have had that problem, slipping heels, so many times as my two feet are different sizes. I am not a big wearer of heels however I do find that there are times that my trainers, flatforms, wedges or pumps just do not work and reluctantly I pull my rarely worn heels out of the cupboard. I have to admit that a good pair of heels do make ones legs look so much slimmer and more elegant. I so admire the Duchess of Cambridge who nearly always wears heels and she has the most wonderful legs. When she gets back in her car I wonder if she kicks her shoes off.

Anyway I was very happy to test the Sticky Heelz shoe pads that I was sent as I would try anything to make heels more appealing to wear.

First I peeled the backing off my Sticky Heelz shoe pad and placed one pad in the back of the shoe which I wear on my smaller foot. I then peeled the backing off the shoe pad and placed it on the heel of my foot. I could still wear my tights over the top.

Once this is done I placed my feet in the shoes making sure the heel pad and the shoe pad made contact. I road tested these for a whole day and my feet were much more comfortable and the whole experience was much less painful as I was not screwing my toes up of the smaller foot to keep its shoe on.

There are four pads in each box and whilst each one could be used twice I think it would be better to have a fresh one each time you wear your heels. One pack costs £6.99 but if you buy in bulk they work out much cheaper.

I will definitely order some for the summer season when I do bring my heels out and slipping heels will now be a problem of the past! Click HERE to go to the Sticky Heelz website to order.

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