Value For Money Products we’ve tried recently

October 4, 2022

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A quick round up of some miscellaneous – but very useful – value for money products starting at £1.59. I’d like to say thank you to my lovely friends who, when we meet up, are always keen to tell me about something new that they have tried and liked so that I can share the details with you all…

Why am I looking puzzled in this photograph? Well you need a magnifying glass to read most beauty product labels don’t you! I know they like to print their blurb in multiple languages but the text is so tiny I defy anyone to not at least squint to see what we are supposed to be doing with the product, let alone understand what the ingredients are.

However, the better news is that I’m trying to read the instructions on one of the new Edelweiss range from The Body Shop. I know we all have different requirements for our skincare but headline news is that this product has 43% more antioxidant power than retinol. That was enough for me to ditch my current skincare routine and try Edelweiss. One drop goes a long way and I like how my skin feels plumped. So looks like this range is economical as well as efficacious.

Value For Money Products we've tried recently  Roadscents

Roadscents was founded by the multi-talented Tina Gaudoin, whose fascinating book ‘Three Times A Countess’ about Raine Spencer has been reviewed by BackPacking Granny.

I think you’ll adore the French scents that emanate from her car air fresheners (which, of course, you can also use at home ie in your wardrobe or hallway). But now she’s introduced KateMoth, moth deterrent sachets and drawer liners which exude a combo of bergamot, mint, lavender, rosemary, cedarwood and thyme. Your woollens are going to love you. Check out the Roadscents website SHOW ME

Value For Money Products we've tried recently Marks and Spencer comfortable bra

If you are looking for a really comfortable bra, this non wired marvel from M&S might fit the bill (or your bosoms!). Am wearing this Flexifit™ Non Wired Full Cup as I type and it’s a barely there feeling which provides all day comfort. £22 and available in four colours. More info

Now I have invested in a slow cooker, I am happily batch cooking. It’s all so deliciously economical. After I’ve decanted the casserole or whatever I’ve made into my Tesco Foodsavers storage boxes (3 for £1.50), I use Innoveem freezer labels (which stick well to the lids but are easy to peel off after defrosting the food). Pack of 100 labels £3.99. So useful when you have a rubbish memory like me!

Value For Money Products we've tried recently

Who has a hi-fi these days – not me. And much as I like listening to Greatest Hits and R4 on my ancient Roberts radio, I have finally succumbed to the undoubted charms of the Echo Dot and the multi-talented Alexa who resides inside this small cloth covered dome. I’m obviously very late to the party but just in case you are like me, you may also enjoy asking her to play all your old fave tunes. She’ll also tell you the time, news headlines, the names of film stars you have forgotten and a million other bits of info. Super easy to install and so much cheaper than a hi-fi (or whatever they are called these days) at £19.99 (currently on offer at Amazon).

Value For Money Products we've tried recently

Some time ago my sister gave me a de-stress aroma ball (thank you Deirdre). I’m so glad she did because I keep it in my handbag and use it often, usually just before I leave the house to go somewhere. I find the sweet orange and geranium fragrance very calming. Unfortunately, the Dr Organic roller ball she gave me doesn’t seem to be in stock anywhere at the moment. Fortunately, there are lots of different brands offering wonderful natural organic essential oil fragrances at Amazon such as this Tisserand roller ball for £8.

Whenever I go to Henley to meet up with Annabel, she always asks me the same question when I arrive after my long drive from West Sussex… would I like a coffee. And the answer is invariably “yes please, I’m desperate for one”. The superlative cappuccino she hands me is down to the super creamy, thick froth that her Chinya machine makes. £43.99 MORE INFO

Like many women, I have pierced ears. But the metal butterflies that hold my earrings in place always seem to need replacing as they get loose and so increase the risk of me finding my earlobes are devoid of decoration.

Five miscellaneous, but very handy, Top Products you may like
Clear earring butterflies
Five miscellaneous, but very handy, Top Products you may like
Clear earring butterflies

Recently I invested the grand sum of £1.59 in 50 pairs of clear soft rubber butterfly backs. They arrived in a little box which now sits in my jewellery case. Although tiny, they are easy to grasp and slide onto the earring posts smoothly. And they are almost invisible if you happen to wear your hair up. They feel very secure and comfortable. BUY NOW There are other slightly larger ones if you prefer. 150 pairs for £6.99 MORE INFO

Value For Money Products we've tried recently

Have been glued to Jamie’s One Pan Wonders TV programme. Gosh he’s attractive! But, apart from that, he has some innovative ideas and time saving tricks for midweek one pan meals. You can buy his book Simple One Pan Wonders for £13 at Amazon.

My secret crush!

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