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November 5, 2021

This article was written for Annabel & Grace, which is now part of Rest Less.

I hope you’re enjoying reading our reviews and this issue we have a wonderful treat for you – an opportunity to win a copy of each of the books that I have reviewed below. There are 3 copies of each of the first two books published by Avon. In the case of Make Yourself at Home by Ciara Geraghty there are 10 copies to be won. Details of the competitions at the end of the relevant reviews.

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STOLEN BY Tess Stimson (Avon £8.99)


Tess Stimson is one of my favourite authors, and you may well have come across her whilst reading one of her earlier novels – The Adultery Club or One Good Affair.  I absolutely loved her contemporary fiction, but she’s now changed tack to write “emotional thrillers”  which are equally as compelling, the latest of which is  Stolen.

Alex is at a destination beach wedding and does something that I’m sure we’ve all been guilty of at some time or another – taking our eye off our child for a minute.  Only in this case, it wasn’t a minute, it turned out to be an hour. And this time  Lottie disappears. And she can’t be found.   The hunt for Lottie quickly escalates from a  frantic beachside search to local news and then becomes a worldwide search, whilst naturally enough suspicion falls on the mother  Told in short chapters under a timeline, it’s an addictive cracker of a read and right to the very end, you’ll never know “who did it”.

THE UNWELCOME GUEST by Amanda Robson (Avon £8.99)


Saffron and Miles have a happy marriage – the best of everything, an immaculate house, a well-behaved child, life looks great, until mother-in-law Caprice (just me, or does that name denote a monster?) decides that living in an annexe isn’t for her, and moves into the house.  Miles doesn’t hear the barbed comments (after all it’s his Mum), or sense the underlying hostility but Saffron does and decides that perhaps a Nanny might help deflect the hatred.  But Caprice isn’t swayed and what Saffron doesn’t realise is that what her mother-in-law really wants is a different daughter-in-law – and that she’ll do anything to get her own way.  Oh my goodness, this is one truly addictive read.

Competiton Time: There are three copies of each book to be given away courtesy of Avon Books.

All you have to do is to answer this simple question :

What is the Avon:

  1. Castle
  2. Motorway
  3. River

MAKE YOURSELF AT HOME by Ciara Geraghty (HarperCollins £8.99)



I, along with I know thousands and thousands of you, love Irish authors. However  Ciara Geraghty is a new author to me, and her publishers are now promoting her latest wonderfully heartwarming novel.

Following a family tragedy, and a happening so traumatic that it changed all their lives, Marianne left home and never thought about returning.  Until with no other option, she is forced to return to Ancaire, a ramshackle house overlooking the Irish Sea.  Marianne, uncaring of her looks or clothes can’t quite believe that the talented artist but recovering alcoholic that is Rita, her mother,  seems to be running some kind of Irish kibbutz where Rita’s strange “family” have all been taken under the wing of Ancaire and its spell.  But slowly, very slowly, and starting with a haircut,  Marianne falls under the Ancaire spell.  Oh, golly does this novel tug at the heartstrings. I loved it and I’m looking forward to reading more from this wonderful author.

Competition Time – 10 copies to be won. In order to win a copy of ‘Make Yourself at Home’ just answer the following question:

Does Marianne live in

  1. Castle
  2. ramshackle house
  3. caravan site

Please email Annabel with your answers, your name and postal address. We will let you know the winners and the publishers will send the books direct to you.

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