How to look (and feel) good while exercising

April 8, 2017

This article was written for Annabel & Grace, which is now part of Rest Less.

Sports Luxe (aka Athluxury or Athleisure) has been a whopping fashion trend for some time and is here, it appears, to stay. Incorporating sportswear into your everyday wardrobe is usually sported (geddit) by super toned twenty somethings in crop tops (yes, they’re back again) and other, often eyewateringly expensive designer gear. So, is this a look that can be adapted to suit the older woman?  We say yes. Why? Well because it is comfortable AND chic. Athleisure means you can enjoy your pilates class, chuck on an oversized jacket (another on trend item) and zip straight on to lunch with the girls or a dash around Waitrose – without changing clothes or shoes. Bliss, my feet adore trainers – sooooooo comfortable.

But what to wear when we are actually exercising? We don’t want to show our bingo wings, less than taut thighs and/or knobbly knees to the rest of the class. But we do want to be comfortable, not get too hot and be able to stretch. So well fitting, natural fibres and material that gives are top of the list. The internet is awash with clothes that are moisture wicking, thermo controlling, UV protective, antibacterial as well as being luxuriously soft and good for the environment.

If you are top heavy, wear gently flared bottoms, otherwise 3/4 leggings are usually best. Choose tops with sleeves – elbow length or longer will keep any less than toned arms under control. And, unless you have a toned body, best keep way from strappy tops – Annabel had a disconcerting surprise the other day when she wore one to the gym (watch video to find out more!). Last but not least, not sure about you, but when I look around at my exercise class, it is usually a sea of black and grey. Probably because we feel safe in darks. But colour gives you energy! You’ll feel great and inspired to get moving, stretching and running. If that’s a step too far, consider buying navy or other dark colours like the leggings I wear in the video below.

You probably already have items in your wardrobe that you can use. In our videos, Annabel and I show you some of our athleisure wear to give you a few ideas.

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