Who says avoid Clashing Colours? Not us, we say experiment with colour

May 6, 2022

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Many people avoid using clashing colours with their clothes as they worry it won’t work. Well, everyone’s got an opinion, but there’s only one that matters: yours. If it works for you, then it works. Technically a colour clash is not a particular colour against another colour, it’s different shades of colours that work less well together. For instance, a bright, clear yellow will work well with a strong purple, but less well with a warm and muted purple as the tones will be different.

Have a look at these three outfits using yellow, from Kettlewell Colours: (For more info click on the highlighted description below pics).

But if you need a little help with colour choice, or a little reassurance that your colours will look stunning together, then the colour wheel is your friend.

Who says avoid Clashing Colours? Not us, we say experiment with colour How to use a colour wheel to find colours that work well together


When shades next to one another on the colour wheel are used in conjunction, they create an ‘analogous’ combination. These such pairings tend to create subtle, inoffensive, easy-on-the-eye looks as the sibling-like colours naturally blend into one another.


In direct contrast, another flattering way to wear colour is by using complementary shades which, ironically, sit opposite one another on the colour wheel. Yellows and purples, blues and oranges, greens and reds… they are undoubtedly striking but never intimidating or garish.


While the term ‘monochrome’ may regularly be used synonymously with ‘black and white’, it in fact references any solo colour. Single-colour dressing is proving more popular than ever with varying shades of the same hue offering depth.

It may have been a while since you wore head-to-toe colour but why not give it a whirl.

Here are some clashing colours suggestions: (For more info click on highlighted description below pics).

Orange & Pink

This combo is anything but subtle. While a pair of hot pink trousers and an oversized tangerine top might not sound like they’d work together, they actually look modern and cool. These vibrant tones hit it off together in a seriously bold way. Me+Em show this colour combination off so well in these two outfits below.

Pink & Green

Try pairing green and pink together, and you might be surprised by how well-suited these two colours are. These two colours create a vibrant, eye-catching combination that just works. For tricky colour clashes like these, use a darker contrasting colour to add a few little breaks to the look – for example black and white.

Red & Pink

Wearing red and pink together was once considered a fashion faux pas; now it’s one of the coolest colour pairings. Valentino, Gucci, Céline and Balenciaga have all sent red and pink looks down the runway at some point.

Tonal brights

The easiest way to ensure your enthusiasm for colour comes over as effortless (rather than – oh, the horror – matchy-matchy) is to wear the same shades in different textures. Mix wool and cotton with velvet, silk and suede. The point is that if it’s all in a similar colour then the fabrics will play very nicely together. And then don’t be afraid to add clashing accessories.  

Whilst it’s all about rethinking the fashion rule book, ensuring you know which colours suit you the most comes before the styling. Check out my recent article – Sometimes we need a Colour Refresh to give us an Uplift. It is important to understand the right colours for your skin type, hair and eye colour, then you can identify the colours that suit you the best. You can then use these in your wardrobe, styling and shopping and start to feel confident about bringing colour back into your life. Don’t be shy about pairing different colours together you might not normally think about, just ensure that those colours are ‘right’ for you.

Finally just to give you some inspiration here are some more colourful outfits from Kettlewell Colours:

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