Clothes for Older Women: how to wear a biker jacket if you are 50+

March 25, 2022

This article was written for Annabel & Grace, which is now part of Rest Less.

Went to lunch to celebrate a friend’s birthday the other weekend with some very elegant, friendly and charming 60+ women. As we were walking into the restaurant I couldn’t help but notice that our birthday girl was wearing a leather biker jacket. She looked amazing in it – very youthful without being mutton dressed as lamb. So I got to thinking about clothes for older women and if 50+ 60+ 70+ women should wear biker jackets. Would love to hear your thoughts please at the end of this article!

We baby boomers are so lucky – long gone are the days when it was de rigeur to wear a twinset and pearls when you reached 30 (thank goodness). Now we can wear whatever suits us and, if we want, in uplifting colours too.

The leather jacket is ageless, durable and never goes out of fashion. It is a firm favourite of many stylish women’s capsule wardrobe and could be one of the best clothing investments you’ll ever make.

Wear it with a cashmere jumper and jeans (not ripped!), midi skirts, a knee-length shift or a pretty midi dress and heels. When you slip on the jacket you’ll feel instantly more contemporary – it’s a great feeling! But don’t wear it with biker boots and ripped jeans… remember to keep the rest of your outfit classic.

Apparently when we look in a mirror, we see ourselves as we looked ten years ago. So, when we’re talking clothes for older women, we need to modify our style as we age. Which means that the style of biker jacket you choose is important – perhaps avoiding one with multiple zips and buckles and opting for something simpler. Saying that, we all can do exactly what we like these days. So whatever floats your boat!

Long gone are those heavy, thick, stiff biker jackets that you had to wear in. Now, leather – and faux leather – jackets are soft and lightweight.

If you are tempted by the idea of a buttery soft leather we are talking an investment piece, so it’s essential to choose wisely (which I’m sure you would do anyway). Be sure to go with the best you can afford. Me+Em has a few you might like. Faux leather is cheaper but can look chic, too, depending on the brand, as can jersey or cotton biker jackets. There are many styles of biker jackets, so there’s bound to be something that will suit your precise requirements – from ‘out there’ to understated.

Another key thing to remember when choosing a biker jacket is that black isn’t always a great idea. You may look more chic wearing another, less draining, colour – perhaps navy or burgundy leather – with for example, a neutral coloured dress with boots. However, if you look and feel great in black, there is a wealth of choice.

So, if you feel like you want to add a little ‘not dead yet’ sartorial edge to your style, here are a few biker-style jackets to consider:

  • Cate 100% cotton – available in 8 different colours £129 and we are wearing the Rachel which is available in 18 different colours £139 – both from Kettlewell Colours.
  • Pink denim jacket £39 from Cotton Traders

A good place to look for a second hand designer leather jacket is ebay or your local charity shop.


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