When it comes to Fashion For Older Women – Easy does it.

February 14, 2023

This article was written for Annabel & Grace, which is now part of Rest Less.

When I see anything described as EASY my brain lights up like a neon sign!

When it comes to Fashion For Older Women - Easy does it.  Maggie Cox writes another excellent style tips article for A&G Magazine

Take holidays. The ones that involve hopping on and off planes, or unpacking and repacking in many and varied hotels specially where you need to cope with snow one day and sweltering heat the next,  have always been anathema to me. The challenge of anticipating an ‘adventure holiday’ is quite beyond me… at least now that I am old(er).

And, getting back to what I love most, and have always loved. Fashion. It’s just the same there. EASY is what I do best.  But! This does not mean boring, or old-fashioned.  And certainly not slovenly or careless.

There are so many benefits when you go for Easy dressing. No more complicated dresses that only look right if they are anchored by clingy, tight or heavily wired underwear.  And no more outfits that make you wobble as you walk because your legs don’t have enough space to move forward. And EASY certainly has nothing to do with skirts that need you to sit down with the precision and poise (that you were so good at when you were young) so you don’t reveal too much leg, or heaven forbid, thigh.

So. What does EASY dressing actually  mean?  And how can we do it?  Here are some suggestions you might like to try. 

One colour (or tonal shades ) top to toe

Using the same, or toning colours, for your outfit is easy but in no way boring. On the contrary.  It’s chic and stylish.

To help with this approach, try putting clothes in your wardrobe in colour order. Then when you’ve decided on a dress or sweater, it’s easy to find a toning, or same colour, coat or cardi, trousers or skirt, because they’re hanging right next to each other.  You don’t have to spend ages searching for something that blends or matches the main thing you have decided to wear. 

Pull on trousers

Pull on, super comfortable trousers with elasticated waists – what would we do without them! Modern designs means they are contemporary and stylish. Our absolute favourite brand is Robell… if you haven’t tried a pair you haven’t lived! There are many styles but their most popular is the Bella 09 which is a straight fit ankle grazer trouser available in 54 different colours and in sizes 6 to 24. £54.99 More info

Slip-over-the-head dresses

With Spring on the way, and thoughts of sunny holidays ahead, the easiest of all comes to mind – the long kaftan dress. An all-in-one, super comfy, bit of froth – flattering for everyone. The ancient Persians knew something about easy and cool dressing.  They invented the kaftan many centuries ago, and it’s such a clever garment that it’s become a western staple for casual dressing, entertaining at home, even grand evening occasions.

  • Printed V neck Tie Waist Maxi in responsibly sourced viscose £35 at Marks & Spencer
  • AM-PM Pleated Midi Shirt Dress £250 at Me+Em
  • Maxi Empire Kaftan £75 from Boden

Jumper dresses, sweatshirt dresses, dresses made of silky jersey

  • Teresa knitted dress from Hobbs £139
  • Sweatshirt dress in double cotton jersey £110 Wrap

There are lots more options, other than the kaftan, for slip-over-the-head dresses all with a common theme – a magic bit of stretch. Every kind of material (wool, cord, linen, cotton) can now include a small  proportion of elastic – which makes the fabric flow rather than cling – and is all the more flattering and comfortable for it.

The beauty of these soft fabric dresses is that there is no need for long back zips that require the agility of a teenager or rows of tiny buttons to fiddle with.


These are the contemporary, grown-up versions of baby-grows. Otherwise known as jumpsuits or boiler suits. When they first became popular,  you could only find them in denim or crisp cotton, but now you can get all-in-ones in any material or style for any occasion.  Velvet and satiny for evening occasions, pretty and frivolous (for when the mood takes us) or utilitarian simplicity in a striking colour. One piece – one outfit.  And good to go, as they say.  The only warning is that you need plenty of practice getting into and out of it – for times when you need to get out of it quickly!

  • Animal Print 3/4 Sleeve Utility Jumpsuit £49.50 at M&S
  • Lena Floral Jumpsuit (three lengths available) £65 from Fatface

Midi or maxi dresses

Many of us can remember the excitement caused by the arrival of the mini. So new, so daring.  Firm shapely legs released to the world! But the arrival of the midis and maxis (at the same time in the sixties) also gave us a new perspective in dressing.  Equally new and exciting but maybe safer and more chic. 

And the trend for long skirts never went away. The current swathe of midi and maxi long dresses provides a wonderful easy, one-stop-covering job.  Colours can be as vibrant or subtle as suit you, patterns as ditsy or bold as take your fancy.  A print or solid colour midi or maxi is all you need to step out into the world and look instantly ‘outfit done’.  

So have a go at easy.  Does this approach suit you? Let me know what you think in the comments section underneath this article.


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