Yellow – bang on trend but a tricky colour?

April 22, 2017

This article was written for Annabel & Grace, which is now part of Rest Less.

Yellow. Such a happy colour – and so tricky to wear. Or that’s what most people think. However, as everyone from Vogue to Elle has told us it is this season’s key colour, we thought we would seek expert advice on how we can all look good in this wonderfully optimistic colour. So big thanks to Melissa Nicholson, founder of Kettlewell Colours for explaining how to wear yellow. This is what she has to say: how-to-wear-yellow Yellow is such a polarising colour. I would say that 75% of women have strong feelings about it, either positive or negative. Of course, most of those feelings come from either their good or bad experiences. Whatever their relationship with yellow, every person can in fact find a shade which they can wear for maximum effect. So what is your best yellow, and how should you wear it? Ideally it really helps to know which seasonal colour palette you are. If you don’t know just click here to take Kettlewell’s quick colour quiz, or read on for my general tips on how to wear yellow. If you haven’t had your colours analysed, yellow can be a tricky shade to risk, as there is so much variation between the warm and cool shades, and it’s hard to find such a thing as a ‘neutral’ yellow, without too much warmth or coolness. how-to-wear-yellowThe best solution, if you are lacking in confidence with yellow, is generally to keep it away from immediately under your face (i.e. avoid high neck t-shirts and scarves in yellow). Opt for a lower neck top, with a safer shade scarf or necklace over the top, or a cardigan layered over another colour. In summer, pale yellow cropped trousers can be a cheery alternative to denim or white, and yellow sneakers or sandals, or a yellow handbag can lift an outfit. If you do know your seasonal colours, then here’s a quick overview of which yellows will suit you perfectly: SPRING As a Spring, you really were designed to wear yellow, perhaps more than any other season. Whichever end of the Spring palette you fall at, there’s likely to be a great yellow for you. Yellow how-to-wear-yellow SUMMER The yellows in your palette all fall within a fairly narrow range – you need a distinctly pastel shade, with definite softness and no creamy or golden undertones at all. how-to-wear-yellow AUTUMN  Your yellows range from a warm yellow ochre and mustard to softer old gold, vanilla and corn, and even vibrant neon yellow for the bolder among you. Yellow how-to-wear-yellow WINTER Your yellow has to fall within a fairly narrow range in order to work – as a Winter you need absolutely no golden undertones, and a real feel of neon acidity to your yellow. Yellow Yellow Click here for more details or to purchase any of the featured clothes which are from Kettlewell. Or click on these pics if you like the look of these yellow treats:

Converse All Star £45 (other shades of yellow also available)


Mango mustard Penny Loafers £39.99


Mango beaded clutch

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