Fashion for shorter women by Jennifer Anne

June 8, 2018

This article was written for Annabel & Grace, which is now part of Rest Less.

Royal Blue 3/4 sleeve dress / Jennifer Anne

We have often been asked by readers if we know of any fashion brands for shorter women that we could recommend. We have never been able to answer positively until we came across Jennifer Anne The Petite Collection. If you are a shorter woman, 5’3″ or under, it is not just a case of trimming off a few centimetres from the hem or sleeves. This is not a solution as the outfit will still look wrong as the waist will be in the wrong place and everything will be out of proportion. It must be so hard for shorter women to find clothes that are fashionable and stylish, yet still fit.

Libera - Ivory top with sandwashed silk crepe georgette trim Brigit - blush side panel trouser

Jennifer Anne was one of these women. She started her career as a lawyer before she decided to found the Jennifer Anne brand and solve this fashion problem for shorter women. She herself has had a lifetime of experiencing clothes that are simply not designed for her size and shape as a 5’1” woman. This was the inspiration to start this collection where patterns are specially made with petite proportions.

Shoulders are narrower, neck to nape measurements are shorter, the waist will sit higher so that it is on the perfect level and it goes without saying that the sleeve lengths and trouser lengths will be significantly shorter. Dresses will not drown you, they will fit you wonderfully!

Blue & white cropped silk jacket / Jennifer Anne

Each pattern has been sculpted so that it will not only fit but will flatter your body shape. In addition to that the patterns have then been custom graded so a size 12 is cut for a woman the same height as for a size 6 but with more generous measurements for bust, hip, waist etc.”

The clothes are tailored and classic using high quality fabrics and manufactured in the UK. Jennifer may not have had a training in fashion design but she knew what was lacking for shorter women and she also knew what she liked to wear.

What I did have was a real passion to create a solution for women like me, to design and produce a stylish, versatile and modern collection with elegant petite women at its heart.

Customer comment: “I am delighted to find a brand with petite clothes that actually fit. The range is well thought through with simple classic garments that flatter the petite frame and work together to create different outfits. Everything is very good quality and finished to a high standard, so it looks good, is comfortable to wear, should last well and will never go out of fashion.”

I think Jennifer Anne has cleverly seen the niche in the market and filled it with beautifully tailored clothes that would be welcomed by any fashion loving petite women.

To go straight to the Jennifer Anne Petite Collection website click HERE.

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