Contemporary silver jewellery

March 11, 2017

This article was written for Annabel & Grace, which is now part of Rest Less.

I love silver jewellery as yellow gold does not suit my skin tone. This was confirmed by Helen Venables of House of Colour when she did my colours. When I met my husband, 30 years ago, he was thrilled when I told him that I did not like gold but then I added, yellow gold, as white gold and platinum are perfect! However I am not a big fan of jewellery and only really wear earrings. This is probably because I do not often find silver jewellery that I really like. So I decided to go in search of some modern designers and their silver jewellery.


Min Fletcher was the first site I had a look at (click here). She sells her designs through ebay and they are very reasonably priced and her designs both modern and very wearable. She will be exhibiting at the Country Living Fair at Alexandra Palace on 27 – 30 April 2017 so her stand, J30, will be worth a visit.


Have you heard about Ear Wingsⓒ ? They are designed and made by Potter and Mooch (click here) A good option if your daughter wants lots of ear piercings but you are not keen. These earrings give the appearance of many piercings but are so pretty and feminine. Such an unusual design and a perfect gift for a goddaughter at an affordable price of £18.50.


Catherine Zoraida Leaf earrings


Catherine Zoraida Leaf necklace

If I am mentioning silver jewellery I must mention Catherine Zoraida as her silver leaf earrings are my go-to earrings and I love them. They are perfect with my cropped haircut as they hang down just below the hair line. They are feminine and delicate yet different. They are often seen in the yellow gold version as worn by the Duchess of Cambridge. Recently Catherine has added a necklace to match and I love the little feature on her website where you click on the button ‘Drop a Hint’ and send it to your OH just before a gift day! It worked for me, so do try it.


Oliver Bonas Silver Mio Pearl Thread Through Lariat

Then a girlfriend asked me if I had ever looked at the Oliver Bonas site. I associate Oliver Bonas with homeware and gifts and had never thought to look at their jewellery but I was pleasantly surprised not only with the designs but also the quantity of choice. From a simple piece such as the Mio Pearl Thread Through Lariat Silver Necklace to the set of Outline lips in a necklace, bracelet and ring (click here). For all those lovers of costume jewellery Oliver Bonas definitely has a varied selection of fun and original pieces (click here). The wonder of the internet is that you can look around and find a range that you like that is in your price bracket. I find it easier to shop online than in the shops for this type of jewellery as often it is hidden away which is why I probably had not registered that Oliver Bonas sold such lovely silver jewellery.


Oliver Bonas Outline Lip collection

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