Style for Women Over 50 – reasons we shouldn’t give up

September 6, 2022

This article was written for Annabel & Grace, which is now part of Rest Less.

Hi. Maggie here. Do you sometimes think: “I just can’t be bothered? Do I really have to make the effort to put things together that look as if they go together, let alone, heaven forbid, dress to impress?” So does it matter if we women over 50 have the odd day off style wise?

At times like this it seems much easier to grab any old thing.  Have a slouchy day in old in jeans (or baggy joggers – did I just say that?) And just hope no one comes to the door. If we have to go out, well, there is that coat, very long, from years ago that will cover everything up.

Often the world outside seems gloomy.  Especially now. I have plenty of these mornings.  I’m full of admiration for those who have the energy to do full make up first thing but I can’t even think concealer or a lick of paint before I have had at least two strong cups of coffee and a long, sleepy look at the paper. Of course, there are times when life is tough, and there are more important things to be taking care of than faffing about what to wear. But most of the time I reckon it’s probably a good idea to make an effort.  Here’s why.

Lift your spirits with colour

Throwing on any old jumper, just because it’s where you left it yesterday, doesn’t do anything for your morale.  But wearing one of your best colours can lift your spirits – immediately.  It’s well known that shades of red can make you feel more confident, and yellow exudes cheerfulness.  Blue and lilac are calming (I think of this when I sink down in the chair at my dentist’s where the walls are shades of lilac. Although I agree an intravenous sedation is even better!

The power of colour is real and available in an instant. Grab a top in your favourite shade and you’re on the way to feeling more cheerful.

  • Cashmere jumper £139 from COS
  • Bi-Stretch Flared Trousers £90 from Boden
  • Pure linen shirt £29.50 from M&S
  • Whistles slim jersey organic cotton jacket £89 at John Lewis

Creativity keeps our little grey cells moving

Just like arranging a vase of flowers, painting a picture, or choosing new furniture, working out what to wear stimulates our artistic instincts, and gets those little grey cells chattering together. No bad thing as we get older and need to keep our body – and brain – fit!

  • Olivia double breasted Blazer £69.99 at John Lewis
  • Navy/white stripe t shirt £45 Jaeger (also available in red/white)
  • Red suede penny loafers £98 at Boden
  • Navy Cambridge blazer £179 from Saint & Sofia
  • Silky scoop neck top in True Red (suits everyone) £42 from Kettlewell Colours
  • Primrose navy leather croc effect loafers £94 (on sale, were £189) at LK Bennett

Clothes are confidence boosters

When we choose the right colours, and styles that suit us, people will notice, and say, “I love the way you look.” Okay, not all the time! Most people are not renowned for splashing praise around, especially strangers. But it can happen. And when it does, the adrenaline gets to work, and we feel better. Even if we’re spending the day on our own, lots of friends have told me they actually feel better if they have made an effort to dress in something they like.

  • Maxi shirt dress £240 at Boden
  • Green ruffled maxi dress £129 at Mint Velvet
  • Aabriella Dress with LENZING™ ECOVERO™ £169 (less 15% using ANNABELGRACE15 at checkout) at Baukjen
  • Smocked tiered spot dress £65 at John Lewis

Clothes hold memories

A friend once said to me that she couldn’t bear to get rid of any of her clothes, from whatever decade, because they held so many memories for her.  I do so agree with that.  I will always remember a big birthday, because I was wearing a print dress with a recycled pink cashmere scarf. (See the photo at the beginning of this article).

 And this is great – as long as it doesn’t get out of hand.   Like, if you never get rid of anything. That is a sure way to ‘wardrobe brain freeze’ – never knowing what to wear, because you just have too much!

We of the mature generation must remember that today is all we have.  Sages and mystics have been saying this over the ages. It should sharpen our resolve to make the most of what we have… and make an effort, even when we don’t necessarily feel at our best, to pick out clothes that lift our spirits. That’s good for us and for those around us.  The way we style our clothes is a great way to stay young at heart – especially on days when we think we can’t be bothered.

You can read more very useful style tips for women over 50 from the ageless Maggie Cox HERE

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