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April 21, 2018

This article was written for Annabel & Grace, which is now part of Rest Less. is a unique fashion website as firstly it has been designed for women of our age and secondly it is the brainchild of Jacynth Bassett, who is 25 years old. She is bright and savvy and when she saw that older women struggled to find stylish outfits she decided to open her own website and fill this hole in the fashion market. concentrates on quality fashion as Jacynth understands that we want our clothes to last. If we find a style that we like we do not want it to just look good for a few outings. We prefer something that we can wear again and again, maybe ringing the changes with accessories.

Jacynth’s mission is to cut through ageism in the fashion industry and prove that it is never in style. We are wholly supportive of this ideal as we, The CountryWives, are here to do much the same with our online magazine i.e. show how you can have fun, be fashionable and stylish at any time in your lives, not just when you are young.

Jacynth buys in from multi-labels as she says her clients are not going to all like the same style so the range she offers on her website is very varied. You may look at the skirts and not like all of them but there will be something that will suit you. So, unlike other websites, cannot be defined by a certain style.

The prices of some of the pieces are higher than many of the brands we have recommended in the past however the quality of both design and manufacture is of the highest quality. I would suggest that her range is occasion-wear which can adapt to everyday wear too. All the designs are highly individual and won’t be found all over the High street.

I recently met up with Jacynth and one of clients, Hilary, to discuss (on video) what it is about that she loves. Hilary is a lady who is very busy, with business meetings, social events, and a home to run so she needs her clothes to be stylish, versatile and work hard for her. She has bought quite a few pieces over the last couple of years and her overriding comment is that whenever she wears one of outfits she receives so many compliments.

One of Hilary’s favourite pieces is her POM Jacket in a Blue Stripe, from last season, which she has worn to a wedding, numerous parties and meetings and no doubt she will continue to find just the right event to keep wearing it at. / Fashion / The CountryWives

Pom Palace Blue Jacket

POM’s highly coveted jacket collection is this year inspired by India’s national animal. The Jacket Palace Blue features a gorgeous periwinkle geometric design on the outside, and is lined with a regal tiger print on the inside. As you move the beautiful print becomes visible, and it can be shown off even more by rolling up the sleeves. / Fashion / The CountryWives

Orchid Tigers Top

Talking of Tigers you will notice that Hilary is wearing an Orchid Tigers Top, which is both flattering and individual. Hilary teamed it with jeans but it could be worn out in the evening with a dressier skirt or pair of trousers. That is what I noticed about all the pieces on the website – they are so distinctive and are designed to flatter.  Each designer that Jacynth buys from understands the needs of us older women and Jacynth selects very carefully as she knows her customers. / Fashion / The CountryWives

Madrona Blouse Olive

Fashion can be fun too – look at this Madrona Blouse with an olive and pink flower print. It has a ribbed, sporty cuff detail that makes it unique. The collar is soft and sits flatteringly especially when done up, whilst the piping on the collar just adds that finishing touch. If you thought this blouse is for older women only, watch the video and see what Jacynth is wearing. / Fashion / The CountryWives

Tropical Fruit multi-cotton scarf

One of the downsides of this website, that both Hilary and I have noticed, is that items sell fast so if you see something you like do not wait too long making a decision as you may miss the boat. There are two colour-ways of the Madrona blouse and already some sizes have sold out. The scarf I am wearing in the video has sold out but I have noticed this one, the Tropical Fruit multi-cotton scarf is still in stock and has been reduced.

Jacynth is very perceptive and she reacts quickly to what she sees that her customers like as she did with the POM jacket bringing it back in new fabrics. She has an astuteness mixed with a lot of common sense that has enabled her to build a loyal following amongst us older women. It was so refreshing to spend time with her as she understands the fashion needs of women of our age.

Finally as the sun has made an appearance have a look at the embroidered T-shirts on as they really are fun for this time of year. / Fashion / The CountryWives

Mimi Fuschia Fronds Embroidered T-shirt

At the end of the video you will hear all about Jacynth’s next venture with The-Bias-Cut-com and we, The CountryWives, wish her every success and we are sure it will be another smash hit for this remarkable young lady.

Click on any of the pictures to take you through to the relevant webpage on or click HERE to go through to the main home page and enter a world of fashion fun.


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