10 things you may not know about Trump

January 28, 2017

This article was written for Annabel & Grace, which is now part of Rest Less.

The only British person I know that is celebrating the arrival of Donald J. Trump is Rory Bremner – I mean he is a gift to mimics and Rory is the best of the best. I have seen him do his Trump impersonation and to be honest together with Boris Johnson and Nigel Farage he is laughing. Teresa May, Hillary Clinton and Angela Merkel were not exactly good for Rory.

Anyway since Donald J. Trump is here to stay as leader of the free world, that is for at least four years, we might as well find out a little of how he ticks or why he behaves in such an unconventional way.

These are a few things I have found out:

      1. He was sent by his parents to military school at 13 years old. Do you think they thought he needed more discipline?
      2. His brother died in 1982 of alcoholism and this may have influenced Trump’s decision not to drink. This is a relief because Trump sober is a head-case but drunk he would be beyond comprehension.
      3. However he launched his own brand of vodka in 2006, “a superb product and beautifully packaged.” It didn’t sell so he closed it down in 2011.
      4. He is a germophobe so he may have to borrow some of the Queen’s white gloves as there is a lot of handshaking with his new job.
      5. Trump has run for president before. He won the California presidential primary for the Reform Party in 2000 so it has been an ambition for some time. Let’s hope he can get it out of his system and move on.
      6. He is the first President to have his own board game called Trump: the Game. It was discontinued in 1989 but reintroduced in the midst of his “The Apprentice” fame.
      7. He doesn’t mince words about his fellow Republicans, but he’s even insulted the party’s icon, President Ronald Reagan. In his 1987 book, The Art of the Deal, Trump wrote, “Only now, nearly seven years later, are people beginning to question whether there’s anything beneath that smile.” The saying people in glass houses springs to mind.
      8. Trump was a registered Democrat between 2001 and 2009 but re-joined the Republicans as he said that was where his heart lay. So good to know he has a heart!
      9. His hair is real, he showers, dries and then hairsprays it. Melania cuts it for him. So now we know there is something ‘real’ about him.
      10.  The character Biff Tannen from the Back to the Future trilogy was based on Donald Trump.

With Donald Trump everything bad is “failing” and “crooked”, and everything great is “wonderful”, “beautiful”, “terrific” and “so great!” – which group of superlatives is he?

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