Cloudy with A Chance of Golfballs

April 11, 2014

This article was written for Annabel & Grace, which is now part of Rest Less.

holsWhile standing in line at immigration in Marrakech, my thoughts drift to the fact that a year before Ex Husband (EH) and Fluff would have stood in the very same spot. No doubt holding hands and full of excitement at their first holiday together. I try to push these thoughts away and concentrate instead on the fact that this is MY break away to escape the dull greyness that has seemed endless.

The hotel is wonderful and our room (am out here with Best Female Friend) is enormous, with plenty of space for us both to spread out. We go to dinner and it is our first experience of the lavish display of food that we are to find on offer practically 24 hours a day. We have a relatively early night – I find I can barely get through a chapter of my book club read before my eyes start to close.

cloudsThe next morning – what a disappointment. Clouds? I didn’t pay for clouds! I paid for sunshine!!! It burns away by 11am and all is well. We have a leisurely day dipping (and I mean dipping just toes into the freezing pool) and the odd cold beer and pages and pages of literary frippery that make holiday reading such fun. At about 4.30 we put on our cover-ups and head for the pool bar where  mohitos are ordered and we find ourselves chatting to some people, one of whom is there to celebrate her 50th birthday. At this news a group of six chappies burst into a wonderful rendition of “Happy Birthday” – their rich baritone and tenors blending beautifully. They turn out to be Austrians on a golfing break. They are hilarious and we struggle to pronounce some of the names and some of them speak better English than others, they are great company.

The next day dawns cloudy again – and cold! Where did this come from! We sit on our loungers (carefully picked for proximity to the pool ba) and I wrap myself in my beach towel and we order coffee (with brandy) and continue with our books. This time it takes longer for the sun to break through – nearer 1 o’clock but it doesn’t break our spirits as we enjoy each others company, listening to music chat and reading at a gentle pace. Around 4.30 the barman asks if it is time for beer or mohitos.  The Austrians are back and we do our bit for Anglo-Austrian relations, chatting on until the evening.

medinaThe following day we awake to clear blue skies and the temperature starts to soar and the remainder of our stay sees temperatures hover in the mid thirties every day. One afternoon we venture into the Medina and challenge ourselves with some shopping. Both of us are fairly good at the whole bartering thing although I am more ruthless, having the steely determination to walk away if I cannot get the price I want. As a general rule, we’ve been told never pay more than a third of the asking price. And I have to say we get some bargains -jewellery, handbags and – in my case – a fabulous leather beach bag.

The week goes slowly. We treat ourselves to mud wars pedicures and massage and enjoy the company of the Austrian men who are charming. There is nothing of a romantic nature taking place but having them around makes for a wonderfully refreshing break.

I have a full social calendar booked for when I get home and it keeps me in good cheer. The builders have been in while I have been away doing work on my garden and despite the fact they have done a rubbish job it doesn’t dampen my spirits! I bring home bright sunshine and it feels like spring is springing and all is well with the world!

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