Poorly bunny

August 3, 2015

This article was written for Annabel & Grace, which is now part of Rest Less.

Poorly bunnySo I am sure I have blogged before about my horrendous cough which I have had for probably over two years now. I have seen three specialists but none of them can ascertain cause or ease my symptoms. I have had various x-rays, puffer tests, electronic tests and all manner of inhalers – all to no avail.

The upshot of the nasty wheezy smoker’s (I don’t smoke!!) cough has resulted in a hernia! I have felt the little lump in my groin. Then my GP felt the little lump and sent me to a consultant who also prodded the little lump! Even when I was on holiday, BFF requested to feel the little lump! However, last week – two days before an operation was scheduled, I was sent for a scan (the same type you have when you are pregnant!)

Poorly bunnyThe radiographer was quite dishy (bit young), very charming and looked slightly bashful at having to scan me in a fairly intimate area! However after 40 minutes of “stand up”,  “lay down”, “stick your belly out (not hard)”, “suck your belly in (harder)”, “cough/hold your breath/breathe out” etc etc etc he had to admit defeat. The little lump was no longer there!  He told me I didn’t need to do anything – not even turn up for my operation. As he put it so charmingly “No point cutting you open and delving about for hours!”

I wasn’t quite sure how this made me feel? Relieved that I would not have to undergo general anaesthetic and be restrained from driving for two weeks – definitely. But I also started doubting myself – had I imagined it? I relayed this all to elder son and explained that everyone from my doctor to BFF had felt it and all he replied was “EEEWWW how many people have been groping your groin?” Well not enough clearly! Oh and the day after my scheduled operation I had a call saying you didn’t show up is everything alright? Communication?

Poorly bunnyAnyway – life is good, weather remains fair! All the work on the cottage is completed now and I am in a good place. Although as I write this I have to confess to a date tonight (yes off the damn internet!) and, although we have texted and talked for some time now, I don’t really have much enthusiasm –  not a great way to start. But who knows? I am sure I am being totally unfair and a complete sceptic. But does “cuddly” actually mean borderline obese ???? I’ll let you know!!

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