Sassy (Singleton) bravely books to go on a holiday by herself

September 16, 2022

This article was written for Annabel & Grace, which is now part of Rest Less.

So here I am, still sassy, single, and having a ball in Corfu, having been Intrigued by Annabel’s recent post.

I haven’t been to Corfu in about 30 years and confess my decision to go again was prompted by Bournemouth (International) airport which, according to Google is only 12 minutes away from my new home. I looked to see which airlines fly from Bournemouth and where they fly to and Corfu was one of the first destinations to pop up. The flights were ridiculously cheap. A quick click on for accommodation. All booked a bit hastily and all with a click of a button. I find myself booked to go to a resort akin to Magaluf or Benidorm. Oh well, as long as I have sun, a pool, a beach, and a comfy, clean bed plus a stack of books I know I will be happy.

At 4 am it takes me just 9 minutes to get to the airport. There are just two flights going – one to Paris and one to Corfu. I have a row of 3 to myself, and so I sleep most of the way. Waiting at Corfu airport is a driver with my name on a board, and I am there before I know it.

My hotel is packed with youngsters. Well, when I say packed I mean about 20. All of them are utterly charming – mostly Irish and very respectful. We chat about Love Island, dance music, and love lives, and quickly I am relaxed and enjoying their company. They are all the same age as my two sons, which makes me laugh.

I have absolutely no hang-ups about my body as I watch these lithe 20-somethings in tiny thongs. I hope I looked like that at their age. They tell me I am chic and elegant, and I lap it up. The manager Dimitri is very attentive, and cannot do enough for me.

A cold beer at 11 am, and because the other hotel guests all go partying until 5 am, I have the pool to myself each morning. And like Annabel I have yoghurt and fruit for breakfast, then later I stroll to the beach for lunch where I had the most incredible Greek salad every day – so refreshing and tasty. When I get back in the early afternoon the pool is busy, but I get engrossed in my book. By day 5, I am on my 4th book – all suspense thrillers that I cannot put down.

Yesterday I went on a boat trip, and tomorrow I am going on a trip into town on the local bus. I have no qualms about being here alone. I have had the most fabulous meals. The girls have taught me a dance and the boys chat to me like their mammy back home especially when I nag them to apply more sunscreen.

So you see, holidaying on your own is not as formidable as one would imagine, especially if you are open to chatting to everyone.

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