Woman of the Week: Karen

July 22, 2017

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Woman of the Week: Karen
So far so good 
 I’m 55 years of age and have worked all my life (pre-children) in advertising. I decided to take the plunge and go back to university when I was 53, once my children (age 21 and 19) were themselves at university. It was a scary prospect. I hadn’t written an essay in years. I went straight into an MSc with clinical work which will entitle me to be a Psychodynamic Therapist. Typical of me, I’m an all or nothing girl. My current career highlight is securing an amazing placement which will help me achieve the recommended 100 hours to graduate and the 450 hours to become accredited to one of the best professional bodies in psychotherapy. And of course to pass my first year of my MSc at London University – proving to myself, yes I do still have a brain.

Have you changed since you turned 50?  Oh yes, I have certainly have! I no longer do things to please other people and realise a few good friends are worth more than many superficial ones. Since studying psychotherapy I have a lot more empathy for people. It seems nearly all of us have internal ‘issues’ and I have embraced this in my everyday thinking.

What age do you feel right now? Going to university has made me feel younger… maybe late 30’s?

Where have you lived? In the US and all over the UK. There is no doubt in my mind, I am 100% happy in Sussex, though the thought of a year in Paris is manageable.

Woman of the Week: KarenWhat you like to do in your free time? Spare time? I wish! My golden rule, put lycra on first thing in the morning and do Pilates! I’m usually done by 9.15 ready to start the day. If I do get free time, walking in the English Lakes would be my favourite.

Fashion secret Good jeans are a must have. The online shop Hush is a favourite of mine for easy dressing. I prefer simple classic dressing but with a modern cut. The colour navy blue is one I turn to again and again. Less aging than black, smart or casual.

Technology  Hahaha, it’s a matter of having to embrace it, especially for essay writing and research. Having a 20 year old daughter certainly helps me keep up to date with the social media scene, although I can’t say I’m so keen on that side of technology.

Favourite beauty product? I am a slave to Eve Lom cleanser. Love the clean feeling of taking ones make-up off at the end of the day. Expensive, but a little goes a long way.

Best style tip Hair styles have been proven to age you more than anything else. Get a good cut and colour, and keep a little bit up to date.

Favourite food and/or drink? I eat far too many tomatoes – yes really, though I guess that’s not so bad. I would say fish is my favourite food, in pretty much any form, and drink……..the first tea of the day, the first coffee of the day, and the first glass of wine (hopefully not before Friday – but this often that goes awry).

Favourite book  No question, the Rabbit trilogy by John Updike.

What TV do you love to watch? Antiques Roadshow – sorry, boring!

I can’t live without  My iPad, I can keep in touch with my nearest and dearest and watch the news and do my university work.

Who do you most admire? No question, no thought needed, my lovely husband John. I can tell him anything, he is never critical and always reassuring in times of stress.

Your top tip for #womenover50 Never think it’s too late to start a new project or career. It really isn’t. Your dinner conversations will be enriched, as will your life, truly!


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