5 reasons to spend your winter on an Escorted tour of New Zealand

December 11, 2019

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Looking to escape the darkness and the dreariness of the Great British winter? Are you just itching to get out and embark on a new adventure? We may just have the perfect suggestion for you, and it’s on the other side of the world.

New Zealand is fast becoming one of the world’s must-see countries for several reasons, and an escorted tour of New Zealand has to be the best way to see the country on a trip of a lifetime. Here’s why visiting New Zealand is a must and escorted New Zealand tours are the way to go.

It’s the perfect way to escape the winter blues

While our daylight hours are shortening and the mercury is dropping here in the UK, over in New Zealand, which is in the Southern Hemisphere, summer is just getting started. Daytime temperatures range from a warm 21-32°C, perfect for those looking to escape the cloudy skies and constant downpours. December to February is also the prime time to see New Zealand and try out all sorts of outdoor activities, from hiking to cruises.

You’ll see the highlights of one of the world’s best destinations

New Zealand is attracting travellers of all demographics with its diverse offers which range from laid-back adventure to unbeatable thrills. Its unrivalled scenery is truly world-class, and includes everything from the stunning fjord of Milford Sound to the picturesque Bay of Islands and the thermal pools of Rotorua. On an escorted tour of New Zealand, you’ll get to see all this and more. Arranged by travel experts, their itineraries take in not only the popular places to visit such as Auckland and Queenstown, but also lesser-known spots well worth visiting such as the Art Deco city of Napier.

It’s the ultimate stress-free way to travel

One of the main reasons several avoid planning huge cross-country trips is the sheer amount of organisation and planning involved. This winter, there is no need to spend hours researching the best hotels or figuring out the public transport system. With an escorted tour, your entire New Zealand adventure is arranged for you, from the flights there and back to hotels, breakfast, cross-country transport, several day trips and even any taxes that need to be paid. If you’re thinking that the only organisation you want to do for your next holiday is pack your bags, that’s all you need to do on an escorted tour. It couldn’t be easier!

You’ll make new friends

The beauty of taking a tour holiday is that it won’t just be you travelling solo or with your partner across New Zealand for weeks at a time. (That said, the tours offer plenty of time for you to do your own thing.) It’s the perfect way to meet some new people that you’re bound to have something in common with: like-minded travellers that you’ll be sharing some amazing experiences with. Some of the best holiday memories involve making new friends on your travels, and with New Zealand as the backdrop, these tours are a sure-fire way to meet friends for life.

You’ll make memories you’ll never forget

If there’s one reason you should take any holiday, let alone a once-in-a-lifetime trip to New Zealand, it’s the experiences you’ll get to live and the memories you’ll get to make. As well as travelling through some of the world’s most awe-inspiring landscapes, you’ll be able to try some new experiences you won’t be able to try anywhere else. Cruise through the Bay of Islands’ iconic Hole in the Rock, watch a traditional Maori cultural performance and climb Wellington’s Mount Victoria for an unmatched vantage point over the city: these are just some of the amazing memories you could make for yourself this winter.

This post was written by Distant Journeys – over 60 years creating award-winning touring holidays

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