Boost your Eyelashes with these 10 easy Mascara Tips

February 8, 2020

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If you could only have one beauty product, what would it be? Well, for many of us, we’d choose mascara. The following mascara tips from Birchbox are guaranteed to help you boost your eyelashes and optimise whatever wand is currently in your make-up bag.

Boost your Eyelashes with these 10 easy Mascara Tips

1. Step Back
Once you’ve coated the front side of your lashes as per usual, look down and carefully coat the back of your lashes for an instant thickening effect. Flick your wrist as you reach the ends to add more curl and follow up with another coat to the front of your lashes for even more lift and volume.

2. Boost Your Lashes
Use a small shadow brush to dust your lashes with a translucent powder in between coats of mascara – it will help your mascara cling to your lashes, making them look even thicker in the process. Or use Lancôme Cils Booster XL Mascara, it’s a bestseller for good reason as it instantly boosts your own lashes with what is effectively an undercoat. £21.25 MORE INFO

3. Be Flexible
A tip we repeatedly hear from make-up artists – bend your mascara wands. The thought of snapping your favourite brush may sound scary, but gently bend the tip so the brush is horizontal – the new shape will make it easier to manoeuvre the wand around hard-to-reach-places like the inner and outer corner of your eyes.

4. Get Toasty
If your favourite mascara is starting to get clumpy, a little bit of heat can thin the formula. Make sure the cap is tightly secured and let the tube sit in a glass of hot water to smooth it out. But if your wand is over three months old, you’re better off replacing it to keep things clean.

Boost your Eyelashes with these 10 easy Mascara Tips

5. Lay It on the Line
Wiggle your wand close to your lid to create the illusion of eyeliner and make your lashes look even fuller.

6. De-Clump with a Toothbrush
If your mascara went on a little (or a lot) clumpier than you originally planned, use a toothbrush to comb through lashes and fight spider eyes without completely starting over.

Boost your Eyelashes with these 10 easy Mascara Tips
Hypnose mascara

7. Twirl, Don’t Pump
Pumping your mascara wand may seem like a daily ritual, but the bad habit actually forces air into the product, making it much easier for bacteria to spread. Instead, pull the wand upward and gently twirl it to evenly distribute the product. My favourite mascara is Lancôme Hypnôse Volume-à-Porter – one coat gives you dramatic lashes without clumping. MORE INFO

8. Keep Your Guard Up
To avoid smudges on your lids, grab a credit card or spoon and gently place it over your eyelid when you apply your mascara to avoid having to fix mistakes with remover or concealer. A spoon can also help you curl your lashes: with the spoon facing outward, place the bottom edge along your lashline. Use your index finger to gently press your lashes against the edge while rotating and pulling the spoon upwards (the curling motion) so the edge eventually hits the tips of your lashes.

9. Whip Up a Cocktail
Don’t be afraid to mix and match formulas – sometimes it takes more than one wand to get the look you want. Try applying a waterproof mascara over a lengthening mascara, to not only make it last longer (and the waterproof product easier to remove), but to keep it from rubbing off on your lids.

10. Make Moves
To customise your lash look, try switching up the direction you hold your wand: hold it horizontally for thicker lashes, vertically to coat each lash for a more natural finish, and wiggle it from lash line to ends to help hold curl.

Boost your Eyelashes with these 10 easy Mascara Tips

These tips are courtesy of Birchbox. Subscribe to get 5 luxe beauty treats – tailored to your skin, hair and style – delivered straight to your door every month. Each Birchbox includes a mix of high-end, exclusive and cult makeup, skincare, fragrance and haircare. No commitment, no contract, you can cancel any time.

Boost your Eyelashes with these 10 easy Mascara Tips

And one bonus tip from yours truly – use Revitalash. This isn’t an instant fix – you only notice your lashes are getting luscious after a couple of weeks. But this really works – Annabel and I both swear by this brand. My eyelashes are definitely longer and thicker. It seems expensive but I find it lasts for absolutely ages.

Have a quick look at Annabel’s review of LVL lashes

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