Whatever happened to our swanlike Necks?

June 28, 2022

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Image by Alexas Fotos

I don’t exactly know what happened but one day my neck was reasonably swanlike, the next it looked like it belonged to a turkey. As I looked in the mirror, I found myself holding my head back to straighten out my ageing neck but it just made me look snooty!

How do you tell the age of a woman? Just peek at her neck and you’ll get a pretty good idea. The skin is more delicate there and so develops wrinkles faster.

Sooner or later of course, our necks will change for the worse. Some of us get puffy, others stringy and some, like me, disconcertingly wrinkly.

Whatever happened to our swanlike Necks?   Prai rollerball serum is brilliant for neck wrinkles

It is amazing how many of us religiously slather creams onto our faces, but forget our ageing necks and decolletage. I’m probably not the only woman wishing I had moisturised more in previous years.

However, I have, over the last year or so, been remembering to look after my neck as well as my face. There has been a considerable improvement and I put it down to Prai Ageless Throat Serum (£32 from M&S). Don’t get me wrong, my neck is still wrinkly, but the wrinkles look softer, more diffused.

You squeeze the tube and a few drops of serum appear in the rollerball applicator. You then roll up and down from jawline to decolletage and back again. Am sure the rollerballs’ massaging effect have something to do with this product’s efficacy. There is no sign of it running out yet either… great value and an excellent product.

Obviously not perfect but not too bad for someone about to have a massive birthday!

There are quite a few things you can do to improve your ageing neck – check out my VLOG How to Be Less Turkey and More Swan for some of them.

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