The Alkaline Cure: Amazing 14 Day Mindful Eating Plan

January 12, 2019

This article was written for Annabel & Grace, which is now part of Rest Less.

Over the years, I have been lucky enough to fly to Austria and stay at the Mayr Clinic several times. Well seven times in fact. That’s how much I rate it. I would walk in overweight, with dull skin and feeling sluggish. I would walk out after the alkaline cure, having lost weight, full of energy, with clear skin and sparkling eyes.

Alkaline Cure Mayr Clinic, Austria

However, it is expensive to stay there and these days I’m not so flush. So over the last few years I have tried to keep to the main principles of the Mayr Cure. That is eating less, eating slowly and mindfully and keeping away from acidic foods. While at the Mayr, you eat very little indeed. Oddly, after the first couple of days when most people, including me, tend to get a headache and feel hungry, suddenly a different mood kicks in. One of more energy and never feeling hungry despite consuming around 600 calories a day.

We all eat far too much in our everyday lives it seems. We simply don’t need large quantities of food, especially acidic food (which is what most restaurants and food chains offer us).

Dr Stephan Domenig, Medical Director of the first and original Mayr Clinic Alkaline Cure

Dr Stephan Domenig, Medical Director of the first and original Mayr Clinic

Fantastic. But then it’s time to go home to normal life. It’s not difficult to stick to those aforementioned principles, but it is harder to continue eating alkaline-rich food. Until now that is. Dr Stephan Domenig, Medical Director of the first and original Mayr Clinic has written The Alkaline Cure. It is an easy, yet essential, read.

More and more these days, other health experts are recommending the principles of the Mayr Clinic – that good health is promoted by looking after your gut – from mouth to … well, you know, the exit. Having a healthy intestine boosts your overall health considerably. So, what the Mayr Clinic has known and promoted since 1976, is proving to be universally accepted as the foundation for a healthy body.

The Alkaline Cure recipe

The Alkaline Cure recipeThe Alkaline Cure recipe








The book explains these clinically-approved principles in an easy to read format. It also sets out a 14 day diet and mindful eating plan with recipes. In addition to the menu, there are exercise and beauty suggestions, plus advice on what to prep for the next day’s food.

If you follow his advice faithfully for the two weeks, you will definitely lose weight (with a flatter stomach) and feel more energetic. That’s fourteen days concentrating on your health. I’m not going to say it’s easy. When you are a guest at the Mayr your food is prepared for you and there are a host of treatments including daily massage that help speed up and intensify the process. So a DIY regime needs more discipline. But it is so worth it.

Even if you decide on a milder version ie sticking to the main principles and eating less acidic food – see my 5 Tricks I Learned On My Detox post.

The Alkaline Cure bookFancy trying the Alkaline Cure for yourself?  Click here or on the pic to obtain your copy





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