Two top Black Friday skincare offers chosen by The Skin Specialist

November 25, 2020

This article was written for Annabel & Grace, which is now part of Rest Less.

Jade Shelden, The Skin Specialist, is very careful about promoting products which means that these two top Black Friday skincare offers will be excellent and worth considering. If lockdown has taught us one thing it is that there are so many ways we can care for our bodies including our skin at home.


The first of the two fantastic Black Friday skincare offers is running from 23rd November- 30th November and is by NEWA. As featured and recommended by Trinny Woodall, The Telegraph, The Sunday Times, Get the Gloss and much more, the NEWA device is an at home Radio Frequency device for skin tightening and collagen promotion. In these times of lockdown it’s never been more important to find ways to improve our skins texture and luminosity at home. 

Newa Lift - skincare tool from post: Two top Black Friday skincare offers picked by The Skin Specialist

I am very picky in which home devices I recommend because, for me, they need to be science led and clinically proven. A lot of home devices are gimmicks and thus ineffective. The NEWA device is the first FDA approved home use device so it gets the thumbs up from me. 

What does it do?

Created by industry giants Endymed, the 3DEEP Radio frequency penetrates its current through the skin creating a kinetic energy between the cells which transfers into heat. This heat at specific temperatures creates an inflammatory response within the skin triggering the production of new healthy collagen and elastin tissue. Results of this can be seen in as little as 30 days of using the device. 

The NEWA 3DEEP technology increases blood flow to the skin increasing oxygenation of the skin providing luminosity and a brighter complexion. Perfect as a pre-event treatment at home, it will give instant contraction of the collagen and elastin fibres, tone and contour targeted areas of concern such as jawline, neck and around the eyes. Because of the increase in hydration of the skin post treatment your make up sits beautifully on top. 

Who is it for?

I am a huge preacher of the saying ‘prevention is better than cure’, after the age of 20 we start to lose 1% of our collagen every year. So the sooner we start encouraging the upkeep of our collagen production the better. I started in my late 20’s. Anyone using the NEWA home device along with a good homecare skin routine and skin supplements can expect to see:

  • Improved tone and tightness of the skin• Softening of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Brighter complexion 
  • Increased hydration

How to use:

Using the Newa skincare tool from post: Two top Black Friday skincare offers picked by The Skin Specialist

Make sure the skin is clean and make up free. You will receive a conductive gel with your NEWA device, this is applied to the electrodes and spread over your first treatment section. Power on your device and start to massage the skin with circular motions in sections to ensure each area reaches its peak temperature. Each section takes around 4 minutes. 

Black Friday offer:

Use the following link to purchase your NEWA Starter Kit for £249 (saving £100) ~


The second of the two top Black Friday skincare offers that I am excited about is by Heliocare running also from 23rd November – 30th November. Using the following link receive 20% off all products including kits! Click HERE for more info.

Heliocare is not just an SPF and it’s not just for the summer. UVA and free radicals are present all year round and are the biggest threat to our collagen. Heliocare products are the most anti ageing product you can apply to your skin daily, preventing the deterioration of our collagen by 80% or more! The full range works along the same principles of UVA and UVB protection, IR radiation protection, Fernblock DNA protection and antioxidants to fight against free radicals. It is simply finding a consistency that works for your skin type.

My favourites are:

Mineral Tolerance Fluid – This is a thin silk like texture that leaves no residue on the surface. I will wear this on days that I’m not working or going out. Price: £31 

Heliocare range of skincare from post: Two top Black Friday skincare offers picked by The Skin Specialist

Illuminate and Glow Kit – This kit contains 3 shades that I use as my makeup. It comes in a cosmetic bag with a double ended buffing brush. I use Pearl shade to highlight under my eyes, centre forehead and chin, then I mix beige with a small amount of Pearl (because I’m naturally a bit pale) as my all over coverage, and then buff a little of the Bronze to areas I want to warm and contour like under cheekbones and along my hairline. Or if I’m wearing fake tan I will just use beige with more of the bronze and just Pearl as a highlighter. It’s a case of mixing the colours to match your skin tone perfectly. Pop a bit of mascara and lippy on and you’re ready for the day. Kit price: £65.98 (saving £33.99 and brush and bag for free) 

Heliocare Winter Collection from post: Two top Black Friday skincare offers picked by The Skin Specialist

Use the following link to receive 20% off all products including kits ~

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