Eyebrows are High Brow and not to be neglected

March 25, 2022

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Eyebrows frame the eyes, which are the windows to our souls. As every beauty editor will tell you eyebrows need to be taken care of. However, they are a challenge, get it wrong – too dark and you look like a member of the Addams family and too thin and you can look like someone from the 1990’s.

Eyebrows are High Brow and not to be neglected
Dennis Healey and his infamous eyebrows
Dennis Healey who had the most infamous eyebrows
Eyebrows are High Brow and not to be neglected
A guide to the best shape
Eyebrows are High Brow and not to be neglected
Easier with a great magnifying mirror
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I have always had thick eyebrows but as I have got older the inevitable grey hair has appeared and they have become a little patchy and very unruly. I have tried shaping and tinting them but the success of that is down to the ability of the beautician performing this. I have spent many a week wearing large dark glasses in order to hide the disasters. Of course, if you live near a Blink Brow Bar you are in good hands as they are brilliant at threading but even then your brows will still need some help between appointments. Maybe a little gel to keep them in place, a pencil applied at the first appearance of the inevitable grey hair, or a bit of plucking with the tweezers. If you wear glasses all of these activities will not be easy so maybe leave it to the professionals. Or invest in a Simple Human Sensor mirror with x10 magnification and lights! It is expensive but it depends on how much you need help with seeing all of those tiny hairs.

Apparently 77% of us women think that brows are an important part of their daily beauty regime. So here are a few of the in-between-appointments eyebrow tools that I can recommend. I wonder what the other 23% think?

Filling in your brows is the quickest and easiest way to instantly make you look more polished and put together. However, if you have overplucked your eyebrows then help is at hand with RevitaBrow Advanced Eyebrow Conditioner – the sister of Revitalash which Grace and I are always recommending for strong, long, healthy eyelashes.

As I have said my brows are very unruly. The hairs are strong and straight but can point up or down so I need something to keep them in place. Along came another new product from the architect-turned-browchitect Anastasia SoareBrow Freeze. It is a clear brow wax which you just brush through your brows and you are done. They look groomed and remain that way all day.

Look Fabulous Forever also have a fantastic product called, Bring Back Brow Shape, which is an ultra fine paintbrush so you can apply the tint to just a few hairs. I think this looks more natural than pencils as the latter tend to just draw lines on the skin and does not colour the hairs. It’s completely waterproof and comes in a brown, grey and blonde so a shade to suit all colourings. Tricia Cusden, the founder of LFF, understands us older women and our make-up and skincare needs.

Tweezers: Tweezerman are the best in my opinion but they are more expensive than some. Mine have lasted for over 1 year which is a record as my daughters and sons use them when they come home so I am surprised they have not disappeared. All of them blame me for their thick brows but they will be thankful when they are older and are not needing tattooing or similar.

For more info click HERE to go through to the Cult Beauty website.

You can also give your brows a trim while repeating that mantra – less is more. You want to cut down the long hairs without giving brows a too-close crop. The best plan of attack? Brush hair down with spoolie and one hair at a time trim only the very long hairs.

Benefit Gimme Brow Volumising Gel / eyebrows / Wellbeing / Eyebrows are High Brow and not to be neglected
Benefit Gimme Brow Volumising Gel

Eyebrow pencils/gels/tints: 

Benefit has more than 14 brow products and I do love Gimme Brow Volumising Gel which is the speediest way to beef up your brows. This wax will both add colour and volume, making it the best choice if you’re in a hurry.

The Hourglass Arch Brow Sculpting Pencil, another favourite of mine, has an advanced formula that combines powder and wax in a triangular-shaped tip to enable the precision application.

Now I am ready to raise a few eyebrows!

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