Flutter those eyelashes! What Having Lash Extensions Is All About

July 11, 2016

This article was written for Annabel & Grace, which is now part of Rest Less.

With my interest in beauty, I like to try new products and techniques – especially before embarking on a holiday. Really testing whether that ‘long-lasting’ lipstick will realistically stay on for more than a couple of hours? Can this new must-have waterproof mascara halt panda eyes after a single swim and not have to scrub ridiculously hard to remove it? 

A few weeks ago, my daughter (19 yrs) appeared for supper (as they do!) with the most beautiful set of eyelashes. After an immediate de-brief, it appeared that she had had ‘Lash Extensions’.  I have only had one experience of this technique a few years ago, when not only was the actual sensation ghastly, I also wept uncontrollable tears throughout (which made the glue hard to stick!) and the end result was straight, ‘sticky-out’ and unflattering.

My daughters lashes however looked soft and totally natural looking, and really enhanced her eyes… a Bambi effect in fact.  She also said that the whole experience was so relaxing that she had fallen asleep during the appointment! After further grilling, more information and my own independent research, I was suitably reassured that my daughter’s eyelash technician really knew what she was doing and I made an appointment.

Flutter those eyelashes!Kristina is a young and beautiful Russian who has a passion for eyelashes.  Please let me assure you that ‘passion’ is the right word, as the procedure is a 2 hour highly focused one, each lash of varying length being applied singly to give a perfect natural curve. Between 100-200 lashes per eye…  yes, you did read that correctly! 

After a brief chat, I lay on Kristina’s treatment bed and had my lower lashes gently covered, closed my eyes and relaxed for 2 hours. (I didn’t fall asleep as I was concerned I might snore – or even worse – dribble).  The actual length of the lash extensions she uses depends on the length of your own lashes, which is part of the skill needed by a good technician to make the end result look like a magnified and far more beautiful set of your own lashes. Also, and most importantly, the actual weight of each fibre lash is the same as ones own lash, so no harm is done at all to your own lashes.

Flutter those eyelashes!I was quite amazed and really delighted with the end result!  The instructions were simple: no contact with water for 24hrs, no rubbing of the eyes and no sleeping face down and crushing the lashes.  I was given a brush similar to a mascara wand to use at least once a day, keeping them in tip top condition and shape.

I have had my lash extensions for 2 weeks as I write this, and not one fibre lash has fallen out.  I know I will be bereft when I eventually have them removed, as it has been so easy to not even have to think of eye make up each day.  I will miss the very polished, natural and full look that the extensions have given me without having to do anything!    

Other facts to know:

  • Guaranteed to last 2 – 3 weeks (my daughter had hers removed after 4 weeks by Kristina, a simple process taking 15 mins).
  • Do not go to a technician who uses real fur (mink), as the technique has moved on and they are now deemed to cause possible infection and allergies.
  • Do not apply mascara 
  • Cost: approx £50 for a full volume set of lashes

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