Night Sweats: How To Cool Down During The Menopause

November 10, 2018

This article was written for Annabel & Grace, which is now part of Rest Less.

We were asked to review some clothing designed by a company called Become™ that claims to alleviate night sweats. Now this was something I was very keen to look into because a large proportion of our readers are of menopausal age.

Night Sweats: How To Cool Down During The Menopause
Brand ambassador, TV Presenter Andrea McLean

The menopause affects different women in different ways.  Some may feel less sexy, have low moods and suffer from hot flushes (the most common symptom, occurring in three in every four menopausal women). Other symptoms include night sweats, sleeplessness and vaginal dryness. These symptoms vary hugely in duration, severity and what impact they have on women. But the menopause is something every woman will go through – with approx 75% affected by hot flushes and night sweats.

Night Sweats: How To Cool Down During The Menopause

As Annabel and I are well past our menopauses (I was one of those lucky women who barely noticed it, apart from being thrilled when my periods stopped), I phoned my friend Julia who is peri-menopausal. In particular she gets night sweats. So she was keen to test out the vest and knickers set made by Become™ for us. Here’s her report:

“Having just entered the ‘perimenopause’ (I presume!) I was alarmed to read that the average length of this stage is 4 years. However some may experience it for up to 10 years – and then there’s the real deal of the menopause after that! I can’t wait!!!!!

My own experience of this is the ghastly night sweats which I seem to get 2 to 3 nights a month, generally at that lovely time of the month. I have been trying Become’s anti-flush clothing over the last couple of months and, I have to say, I’m usually a bit skeptical about these things, but I can honestly say that this really has helped me.

It does exactly what it says on the website. It is so comfortable to wear – I have even started to wear a vest during the day as well. I also have quite a long body and hate all these vests that ride up and feel uncomfortable. These are a lovely length, super soft and seem also to hold everything in too! I hadn’t to date found a vest which did in fact keep you cool when you needed it, but also kept me warm when I needed it too! My night sweats have been far more manageable.  I’m not finding that I’m jumping out of bed in the night to change my nightdress. I would say that they aren’t the most flattering of garments, but I am completely sold on wearing them! I would definitely recommend anyone with the same symptoms as myself to buy one and try one.”

Become’s anti flush clothing is designed by women, for women. Their fabric uses patent pending technology to absorb and store the heat from the surface of the skin during a hot flush, then releases it back during the chill that follows. The fabric is, as Julia explained, light, silky and cool against your skin. It also helps maintain a stable body temperature, throughout the day and night. You can read more about the science of staying cool here.

The Become™ range is small consisting of vests and knickers which you can purchase individually or in sets. If, like Julia, you suffer from night sweats and would like to give Become™ clothing a try, take advantage of this special CountryWives’ offer:

10% off Become underwear with the code COUNTRYWIVES10 at checkout.

Click here to go straight through to the website.

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