Nourishment Not Punishment! We Need To Look After Ourselves

November 17, 2018

This article was written for Annabel & Grace, which is now part of Rest Less.

Nourishment not Punishment! – that’s my new mantra.

It’s all well and good keeping fit, exercising and being active, seizing the day and embracing change, being there for family, friends and everything else in between. However, stop for a minute and just consider if you are being kind to yourself and your body. As we age we need a little more TLC (tender loving care).

We should nourish our soul, body and mind and be gentle with what we have. To live longer is to be fortunate and gifted. Think of all those friends and family that you may have lost along the way. So going forward, the kindest thing you can do for yourself is be considerate and empathetic towards your body’s needs.

Nourishment Not Punishment! We Need To Look After Ourselves

For example if you have a bad hip or bad knee don’t go running – go swimming or do some gentle stretching exercises. If you have a bad shoulder don’t play tennis – go for a long invigorating walk in the countryside. We need to adapt and change throughout our lives to fit into both what we’re capable of and our surrounding environment. Remember Charles Darwin the great discoverer and biologist’s main theory in life was survival of the fittest. Those that adapted and changed, lived the longest and had the strongest genes.

Nourishment Not Punishment! We Need To Look After Ourselves

So whatever you are capable of personally, go with that. Accept your situation and work with it. Don’t fight against it. We’re all individual and different so we have to find what we are good at and what makes us happy and follow that path.

So getting back to nourishment not punishment, I hope you have an idea of what I mean. Following your own path, being kind and generous to yourself, and nourishing your soul is so important as we age. The punishing fitness regimes from the 1980’s that we once took in our stride are no longer an option (remember Step?). Well, not if you don’t want dodgy knees! As we age we need to pursue activities, interests, hobbies and relationships that nourish us not punish us.

Relationships that are toxic, activities that are no longer enjoyable, demands on your time that are so tiresome – they all need to go! These changes won’t happen all at once but going forward it’s important to only pursue nourishing concepts, ideas and tasks.

Have a wonderful weekend ladies and remember – whenever you’re making a decision about an activity, event or commitment – it’s all about NOURISHMENT not PUNISHMENT !!!

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