Seven Sensational Pampering Beauty Products for you

June 26, 2020

This article was written for Annabel & Grace, which is now part of Rest Less.

Gosh this lockdown seems to be interminable. Having to fend for ourselves beauty wise has been tricky. I have given up on my ever-widening parting but boldly attacked my hair with some sharp nail scissors – like every other person in the country I cannot wait for the hair salons to open again. Have been OK with pedicures (I bought a magnifying light so I could see my toes properly) as I’ve been too lazy to do much yoga and so not quite so supple as I was pre-pandemic. Anyhow, stop rambling Grace, here are a few pampering products that I think you’ll find a pleasure to use this summer…

ONE: It’s not just the packaging that Grace likes…

Seven Sensational Pampering Beauty Products for you
Grace with the new Look Fabulous Forever Night Revive eye cream

When I first set eyes on this product, I was wowed by the packaging. Clear perspex and a clean white lid which closes with a satisfying click. Sounds churlish but am I the only one that wants attractive things that are easy to open and close in my bathroom? Or in this case, on my bedside table because it is Look Fabulous Forever’s new Night Revive Eye Cream. The texture is lightweight and absorbs easily and I find it soothing to apply just before I drift off to sleep.

Seven Sensational Pampering Beauty Products for you
The new Look Fabulous Forever Night Revive eye cream

Lord knows I have enough wrinkles for two people and, as I am really enjoying using this cream every night, am sure it can only be doing my crinkles good. It moisturises, plumps with hyaluronic acid and the formulation includes protective multi-vitamins. Best of all it has colour correcting pigments which I’m assured will, over time, visibly reduce my dark circles, lift my eyelids and reduce my rather large crows feet. Win-Win-Win… MORE INFO

TWO: Go Blonder Lightening Spray

Seven Sensational Pampering Beauty Products for you
DIY highlights using John Frieda Go Blonder

Sally, like so many of us, was concerned that her highlights have been growing out over the last few months and her parting was getting darker. Then she starting using John Frieda’s Go Blonder, a controlled lightening spray. “I have naturally light brown hair and strawberry blonde highlights – this product is perfect for me. It gradually lightens in 3 – 5 uses. As it contains hydrogen peroxide it is a permanent colour. You use it on damp hair and it gradually bleaches your hair after 3 – 5 uses.” £6.99 from FeelUnique

THREE: Facial In A Box

Seven Sensational Pampering Beauty Products for you
Facial in a Box. Jane Mann, beautician  uses Dr Hauschka products

We won’t be able to visit beauticians anytime soon and, when we can, it is a certainty that appointments will be like gold dust. So, how about a Zoom Facial In A Box? It arrived in the post crammed full of Dr Hauschka goodies and then I had my pre-booked online consultation with Jane Mann from The Organic Beautician.

Seven Sensational Pampering Beauty Products for you
Grace from A&G Magazine tries out a DIY mud facial from Jane Mann
Mud, mud, glorious mud!

Jane is both personable and knowledgeable. I felt relaxed and unhurried as she explained each step of my DIY facial. Everything I needed was provided – not just the fragrant products but a great quality brush, china mixing dish and a generously sized muslin cloth. All that was required of me was to have a hand towel and two bowls of water ready before we began. My skin definitely felt hydrated and smooth afterwards. The Zoom appointment costs £55 and, although you are applying the various elements yourself, you learn so much as Jane gives you lots of invaluable tips and teaches you some facial exercises too. Plus I have enough of the nourishing Dr Hauschka products left over for another DIY facial. Alternatively, if you’re happy to follow supplied instructions, the facial kit is £35.

FOUR + FIVE: Margaret Dabbs has yet another devoted fan

Seven Sensational Pampering Beauty Products for you
Margaret Dabbs - the Queen of hands and feet care

MMIL (Marvellous Mother In Law) says: “Like many of us, my hands and nails have really suffered over the last three months with constant washing or sanitising (I sometimes find myself doing both!) Having read about Margaret Dabbs on this website, I knew she specialises in products for hands and feet and is known mainly for her amazing foot clinics and so it was her products that I veered towards.”

Seven Sensational Pampering Beauty Products for you
Marvellous Mother In Law loves Margaret Dabbs' products

“It was my nails and hands I was desperate about, so I decided to send for her nourishing nail and cuticle serum pen and also, while I was at it, thought I’d try the intensive hydrating foot lotion.” 

“What a transformation!  My hands and feet have never felt better.  I have used both products religiously and within days my nails were stronger and the skin around them soft again.  As for my feet, well I’ve just sent for the largest available tube of the foot lotion… need I say more.  Couldn’t resist adding her hand cream and hand sanitiser too!” MORE INFO

SIX: Grace’s all-time fave lippie

Annabel and I are very lucky in that we are given exciting new beauty products to review. And that has, in the past, included quite a few lipsticks. But which one am I drawn to again and again? Well my first choice is House of Colour. Their mineral based, paraben free lipsticks have a great depth of colour, apply easily, have added Vitamin E which moisturises but isn’t tacky and they stay put. If you happen to have had your colours done you are guaranteed to find a lipstick colour that suits you perfectly as their shades are arranged by season.

If you haven’t had your colours done yet, why not treat yourself to a consultation now that House of Colour studios are opening up again. They also offer style and make up sessions on Zoom. Afterwards you’ll receive a client code for a 30% discount on any of their products that you subsequently purchase. 

Six Sensational Pampering Beauty Products for you
Zoom consultations now available from House of Colour
Seven Sensational Pampering Beauty Products for you
House of Colour consultants can now provide Zoom consultations for style and make up advice

SEVEN: … and teeth need pampering too

Seven Sensational Pampering Beauty Products for you
Pamper your gnashers too with Corsodyl toothpaste

Alongside hairdressers and beauticians, we’ve also been denied dental treatment and so it’s more important than ever to do right by your gnashers. I’m already a fan of Corsodyl mouthwash (the only one my dentist recommends) so it was an easy step to give one their Extra Fresh Complete Protection toothpaste a whirl. Check out the 8 specially designed benefits for healthier gums and stronger teeth HERE.

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