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June 28, 2019

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I first discovered Pharmacy2U when my mother was elderly. I needed to make sure that she was getting her medication consistently.

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Pharmacy2U provides NHS Repeat Prescriptions for patients registered with a GP in England only and can deliver them anywhere in the UK. The delivery is free. Patients pay the standard NHS prescription fee of £9.00 if they are not exempt.

My mother had Alzheimers in her final years. I therefore needed to make sure that her medication was delivered to her regularly. It also needed to be at a time when her carer was there. I could not risk it being delivered into my mother’s hands for obvious reasons.

When I registered for my mother with Pharmacy2U I used my email address and mobile number. This meant all reminders and information about delivery came to me. You can also put the carer’s mobile number into the subscription form so that they also know when the prescription is arriving.

I also needed the service to be reliable. It was so important that my mother did not miss a day of medication. Everyone, who has been in the situation of looking after an elderly relative, will understand that there is so much to organise. So one less job is greatly appreciated.

Finally it was a blessing in my mother’s case not to have to continually take her to the doctor to get a repeat prescription. These visits were time consuming and unsettling for her.

Postman posting medication from Pharmacy2U through a letterbox

The way it works is that your GP sends your prescription directly to the Pharmacy2U team of pharmacists. Their pharmacists will dispense and then send them out for delivery directly to your door by Royal Mail. This service is completely free of charge.

Since my mother died the prescription has obviously been cancelled. It was only then I realised that since I also have a regular prescription then why not use this service. I take calcium and to be honest I am always running out and forgetting to pick up a repeat prescription. I have now signed myself up with Pharmacy2U and I no longer miss a day of my medication! So the service is for everyone not just the elderly.

In case you are wondering why your GP does not tell you about your service it is because they are not allowed to recommend one pharmacist over another. However is paid less in fees by the NHS so it is highly recommended. Pharmacy2U was a founding partner to the NHS in developing the ElectronicPrescription Service (EPS).

There is also a very useful online doctor service for certain conditions such as weight loss, acne, eczema, hair loss, situational anxiety and other disorders. Fill in an online questionnaire. You will need to provide the Doctors with relevant information about yourself & your health regarding your medical condition for their consideration along with preferred treatments. You can also ask the Doctor to choose appropriate treatment(s) for you. In certain cases, the Doctors will specify a preferred treatment.

They will email or text you to advise you to login to view your Pharmacy2U Doctor’s response on our website. This will usually happen within 1 working day and often much quicker than that. You can then order the prescribed medication and it will be delivered to you by post.

If you have any side effects Pharmacy2U offers an online aftercare service.

Phamacy2U app on a mobile
The Pharmacy2U App

So you can see that Pharmacy2U offers a very comprehensive service and one that you need to consider for yourself or members of your family who need regular medication.

  • A trusted service with over 300,000 patients currently using the service
  • A helpful team of pharmacists on hand with medication advice whenever you need it
  • Handy prescription reminders, so you don’t run out of your medication
  • Delivery by Royal Mail, free of charge
  • Your medication arrives in plain packaging
  • Notifications when your prescription has been dispatched with Royal Mail keeping you updated when it will arrive

For more information go to the Pharmacy2U website HERE.

If you have any questions regarding the Pharmacy2U services, a specific order or a condition you may be experiencing, the Pharmacy2U Customer Care team are here to help. Contact them or call them on 0113 265 0222. Their Contact centre opening times are: Mon-Fri: 8.00am – 5.30pm and Sat: 8.30am – 1pm.

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