The SCULPT Arm Compound designed to visibly tighten skin

March 12, 2021

This article was written for Annabel & Grace, which is now part of Rest Less.

Some years ago, I broke my shoulder and arm, and the repair process was slow and laborious. When you are 50 and over, these things take longer than expected. The actual repair to the bones took 14 weeks; however, getting my arm back to its pre-break fitness level is still a work in progress years later. Within two weeks of the break, my upper arm looked like an old lady’s arm with floppy bingo wings. The skin looks mottled and loose as the muscles degenerate so fast at our age.

My weekly Yoga classes have helped restore my arm muscles, but still, my right arm looks a little flabby. When one of my favourite skincare companies, UBeauty, contacted us and asked if we would review their new product, the SCULPT Arm Compound, I jumped at the opportunity.

What is The SCULPT Arm Compound?

The SCULPT Arm Compound is a revolutionary concentrate designed specifically to tighten skin and counteract gravity’s negative effects visibly. Like all UBeauty offerings, The SCULPT is powered by the brand’s patent-pending SIREN Capsule technology to immediately deliver visible contouring to areas of the skin that need it most.

It sounded too good to be true. With summer approaching and my love of wearing sleeveless clothes and whilst it doesn’t bother me, my arms are not as taut as Michelle Obama’s (yes, I have arm envy for Mrs. Obama’s arms) I wouldn’t mind tightening them just a little.

The instructions are simple: massage a couple of pumps into each arm morning and evening. They also advise that for the best results, you should combine this with some arm exercises. I felt with my three Yoga classes each week, I was ahead of the game.

The cream massages in very easily and there is no greasy residue. It is also fragrance free so no-one can dislike it.

Does it work?


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This is the bit you are most interested in.

And the answer is a resounding and totally honest YES!

I have been using it for a month, together with my tough Yoga classes, with a lot of emphasis on upper body strengthening. As you can see from the image, you will notice that my skin is ultra-smooth with no sign of mottled skin or even loose skin. It is perfect to use under moisturiser before getting dressed. If you are wearing something sleeveless it will also give your skin a lovely smooth sheen. Remember to wear an SPF as well if you are going outside in a sleeveless outfit.

Part of SCULPT’s efficacy comes from its attention to how arm skin is different from other skin types; the same way, lip and under-eye skin also require specific products to meet unique needs. Despite seeing more exposure than most body parts, arms and skin are surprisingly delicate and susceptible to dryness, leading to visible ageing. 


SCULPT Arm Compound is not a cheap product; however, nothing that works ever is. One bottle is still going strong with me. I would imagine it will last two months.

Tina Craig, the UBeauty founder and genius, has only produced three products so far because, with each, she has spent so much time and research into getting it absolutely right. To read my previous review on the UBeauty Resurfacing Compound, click HERE, and for their Skin Hydrator, click HERE.

If I could afford UBeauty products on a regular basis I would use them all the time. However ,I think having a quick hit i.e. using one or two of their products occasionally will also work well. You will see visible results and so your money will be well-spent.

Over the years of working on the Annabel and Grace online magazine and reviewing skincare products for all of us who are 50 and over, I would put UBeauty in my top three skincare companies. Every product is well-researched and ‘does exactly what it says on the tin’. I am not surprised it the UBeauty products are winning awards and glowing reviews. The SCULPT Arm Compound is a fantastic addition to the UBeauty range.

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