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January 6, 2023

This article was written for Annabel & Grace, which is now part of Rest Less.

As I mentioned in a previous post, I visited The Skin Specialist in Norfolk for a consultation and skin treatment. Jade Shelden is brilliant at understanding skin and using the appropriate cutting-edge treatments that are non-invasive. Jade’s treatments are aimed at stimulating the skin so it can self-improve. So when you go home, your treatment continues to work.

Annabel’s Skin Assessment

We start the treatment with a gentle cleanse with Dermaviduals DMS Cleansing Milk. DMS stands for Derma Membrane Structure, meaning it is made to the identical structure as the skin so does not disrupt the skin’s natural barrier or ecosystem. 

The skin is cleansed and then assessed under a magnifying lamp to identify its current condition. This determines which modalities will restore deficiencies and skin health and give the best result.

While assessing Annabel’s skin, I found that her skin’s barrier function and natural ability to moisturise itself and retain its water were very good. Tick! However, I saw signs of UV damage (pigmentation, dilated capillaries, and collagen degradation). There were also signs of glycation around the eyes and jowls.

Annabel’s Skin Treatment

So I started her treatment with Venus Viva Multi-Polar Radio Frequency skin tightening for the face and neck. This instantly causes a contraction in collagen and elastin fibres whilst promoting the production of new collagen at the same time. This also increases the oxygenated blood supply to the skin as well. It gives the skin a beautiful, healthy glow. 

Next, I applied a customised matrix of Qi Beauty Static Magnetic Therapy. This very unique therapy combines scientific magnetic energy with holistic Japanese acupuncture points working in line with the body’s bio-electric system. I placed 24-carat gold-plated microstimulators and connected in specific matrixes. This either causes accumulation of subdermal fluids to fill and smooth fine lines and wrinkles, or to drain fluid away for overloaded lymphatics.

For Annabel’s matrix, I focused on levitating the GAGs (glycosaminoglycans, your natural hyaluronic acid), lifting the cheeks and smoothing fine lines around the mouth, revising the glycation.

Some of the extraordinary benefits of Static Magnetic Energy are:

  • Improves cellular kinetics (the way they communicate with each other)
  • Increase cellular energy and repair
  • Stimulates production of collagen and elastin
  • Allow for better absorption of products (by opening the lipid bi-layers)
  • Restores a healthy skin barrier
  • Increases oxygenation of the skin

This treatment is wound healing, completely without injury. It can be used on any skin condition to improve overall health, scarring, and wounds. The matrix is left on the skin for 25 minutes with a Seabuckthorn seed oil (which has over 170 nutritional properties). During this time, I used Celluma LED phototherapy to enhance these results. 

Finally, after we remove the matrix, we finish by applying multivitamins, essential fatty acids and minerals, and amino acids. These all feed the skin with the best ingredients it needs to perform healthily.


I came out looking a little blotchy. However, I woke up the following morning and saw real improvements in my skin. My wrinkles have reduced, particularly between my eyebrows, where they were quite deep. Around my eyes, I feel the skin is so much smoother. I do not need as much concealer, as the dark circles have nearly disappeared. We all hate our jowls as we get older. However, mine, following this treatment seem to have lost much of their squidgyness and are tighter.

Jade sent me home with a Qi home kit. I am applying a few magnetic balls alternate nights. This will keep the treatment working ie stimulating my skin to repair itself.

My only complaint is that I don’t live nearer to enjoy Jade’s treatments on a more regular basis. However, I will try to visit her a few times a year. I believe she is worth the time and effort.

For more information on Qi Beauty Static Magnetic Therapy from the originator, Kathy Pedersen, click HERE.

For more posts from the Skincare Specialist, click HERE. To go to The Skin Specialist’s website for more skincare tips for women over 50, click HERE.

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