Sun hat, sun protection skincare and a facial hair trimmer

August 8, 2020

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Just a few products that I have discovered recently which have become indispensable to me. As we are all planning a holiday whether it be a staycation or one further afield we need sun protection particularly for our faces as sun damage is not only dangerous it is very ageing. So to that end I have found one incredible skin product that I am currently using and also a sun hat.

Sun hats, sun protection skincare and a facial hair trimmer


Sun hats, sun protection skincare and a facial hair trimmer

This woven sun hat with a contrast black wire-brim which allows you to adjust and change the shape according to your liking. It is woven from light, cool natural raffia which is squashable and packable to make life easier! It is also named after my favourite European sunspot which I am longing to visit again soon.

Recently reduced from £59 to £49.

I am not normally a hat person but honestly with my new longer hair sunhats can work and this one goes everywhere with me.


I was introduced to this range, Heliocare, by Jade the owner of The Norfolk Skin Atelier. I had hoped to visit her this week to interview her for Annabel & Grace. She has so many incredible skincare tips that I am so keen to share with you all. However, in the meantime, until I can visit Jade, I did ask her what skin product I should put on my skin to protect it from all of this sun we are enjoying.

Sun hats, sun protection skincare and a facial hair trimmer

This is what Jade said to me:

I know what you’re thinking, ‘Oh it’s too late for me’, not at all! It’s only too late once your heart stops pumping blood around your body. It takes time, yes, and it takes commitment, but I guarantee that it is not too late for anyone. It’s simply a case of following the science, and if you haven’t guessed by now, I’m a total skin science nerd! 

What if I told you I know a face cream that if you use it everyday religiously, it will slow down the rate your skin ages by 80%? Interested? Well I do, and it’s only around £35. It’s called Heliocare SPF! Yes, UVA exposure (not just sun exposure, UVA penetrates through clouds and glass and straight through to our collagen) is responsible for 80% of ageing. That means it breaks down our collagen at a much quicker rate, causes overproduction of melanin leaving us with brown spots all over, and most importantly can cause DNA damage and cell mutations leading to skin cancer and other skin growths and abnormalities. Is the SPF in your make up enough? NO! Forget that it’s a sunscreen and treat it like it’s the most luxurious face cream you have. The reason I recommend Heliocare to everyone is because of it’s additional FernBlock DNA protection and Anti-oxidants. This protects the cells against the oxidative stress and free radical damage that attacks our cells when exposed to UVA, UVB, Infrared and even blue light from our phones and computers.

Heliocare 360 does a range of products to suit different skin types. Personally I go between the Colour Oil Free Gel in beige topped up with the pressed powder throughout the day if I’m going out. Or the Mineral Tolerance Fluid is a non tinted everyday lightweight fluid. If you’re maybe more of a dry skin you may find the Fluid Cream which is a slightly richer consistency.”

I have been using the Heliocare 360 Mineral Tolerance Fluid and the pressed powder as a top up during the day. It is incredible stuff and dare I say that after 4 weeks I think my skin is improving but even if that is my imagination I know I am giving it the best protection from the sun that I can.

JML Finishing Touch Flawless Facial Hair Trimmer

Sun hats, sun protection skincare and a facial hair trimmer

As we get older many of us suffer with the odd little chin hair or even dare I say it a moustache which we struggle to keep at bay. The ones on my chin grow faster than the ones on my head. Anyway I read about the JML Finishing Touch Flawless Facial Hair Trimmer in the Telegraph beauty section and as Boots does a great delivery service I immediately popped one into my online basket.

It is fantastic. You need to follow the instructions and run it over the area with a circular motion as that is the most effective. Pop it in your washbag and take it on holiday and you won’t need a magnifying mirror as you do with tweezers. It is quick and simple and solves the dilemma of facial hair.

So just three items that are in daily use by me! For more Wellbeing posts click HERE.

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