UBeauty Skin Hydrator: the latest moisturiser winning numerous awards

January 9, 2021

This article was written for Annabel & Grace, which is now part of Rest Less.

I recently received an email with the title, ‘These 4 Women With Amazing Skin Told Me Which Products Actually Work’. I was initially interested but was once again disappointed as when I clicked the ‘Read More’ box I found four women all under the age of 32 years. Unless you have some underlying skin problem it would be unusual to see a woman of that age with less than perfect skin. I have two daughters aged 29 and 30 years and their skin is wonderful but I would not take advice from them for my skin which is over thirty years older. Last year I reviewed the UBeauty Skin Compound (click HERE to read) and was very impressed with the results so when UBeauty contacted us to tell us about their new moisturiser – the UBeauty Skin Hydrator – I was expecting something good and I was not disappointed.

UBeauty Skin Hydrator: the latest moisturiser winning numerous awards
UBeauty Skin Hydrator & Resurfacing Compound
UBeauty Skin Hydrator: the latest moisturiser winning numerous awards
CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO on the UBeauty Skin Hydrator

“A luxurious and intuitive moisturiser that hydrates and resolves compromised barrier functionality where skin is most parched. Powered by U Beauty’s proprietary HYDRA-SIREN Capsule, the SUPER is able to effectively transport more water by weight to the deep layers of skin.

Not only is advanced hydration immediate, the SUPER’s five unique types of hyaluronic acid continue to hydrate throughout the day – while SIRENS neutralise free radicals as they arise. Visible skin repair is expedited, while anti-aging ingredients provide the skin with a radiant-looking glow. The result? Groundbreaking hydration that lasts.”


This is all great but what does it actually mean? We have become wise to these well-written descriptions of products but what we want to know is does it work on older skin?

Ananbel with the UBeauty Skin Hydrator
CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO on the UBeauty Skin Hydrator

The first thing that I noticed was that it has the most extraordinary and delicious texture – just the right consistency. It feels as if you are applying a layer of silk. It absorbs into my skin but feels like I have applied a protective skin. I would even go so far as to say that my skin looks smoother just after one application and I feel as if it is glowing.

It is perfect for those no make-up days, rather more frequent now that we are back in lockdown. However on the days I do want to apply foundation it feels as if I have a primer on my skin. Foundation goes on so smoothly and there is no pilling.

I also noticed that even at this time of year when my skin is having to endure both heating at home and cold wind when I go on my daily walk, I still feel as if my skin is hydrated at the end of the day.

As you know we do not review in detail too many beauty products as we feel we need to try each product on its own for at least 4 weeks before we can give an honest appraisal. I have been using the UBeauty Skin Hydrator for 4 weeks and I would give this a 5* rating. I love how my skin feels now at this, traditionally, the most difficult time of year for one’s skin to glow.

Before and after using UBeauty Skin Hydrator


Combine this UBeauty Hydrator with their Resurfacing compound (a serum) and you have a very simple and effective skincare routine for both morning and night time. It is the perfect complementary product to their first product, the Resurfacing Compound.


It is not cheap so it depends how much you value your skincare. My skin definitely looks plumper and feels hydrated from morning to night. So, if you want an award winning wonder product, you’re going to want to purchase this UBeauty Skin Hydrator.  

To find out more info on the UBeauty Skin Hydrator & Resurfacing Compound go to their website by clicking HERE.

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