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October 15, 2021

This article was written for Annabel & Grace, which is now part of Rest Less.

Scientists and other clever people are constantly creating new products that will improve our skin, make our lives easier, or prolong beauty tools that we already love. This month I have trialled some products, particularly some skincare for older women, that tick at least one of these boxes.


I am a massive fan of The U Beauty products and have tried them all. The price tag stops me from using them all year round, but I love to give my skin a treat now and then. I have in the past given my arms a course of the Sculpt Arm Compound in the Spring before I bare them in sleeveless items, and it has helped to give me well-toned arms. I use the Resurfacing Compound and Super Hydrator when I feel that my skin needs a boost, often in the winter when central heating inside and cold winds outside have dried my skin out. Again these are a fantastic blast of hydration, and after only a couple of weeks, you will notice a distinct improvement in your skin.

Last month U Beauty introduced the Multimodal Defender to their range, and I have been trialling it for the previous two weeks. It has an added SPF 30, which we are told we should use throughout the year, even on grey days. However, I have been in Corfu for the past few weeks, and even though I wore SPF 50 and a hat every day, my skin has still been exposed to the damaging sun. So this has been a perfect time to trial the Multimodal Defender as it claims to repair past and present photo-damage.

“This first-of-its-kind formula delivers coordinated, multi-level correction to brighten and illuminate skin by effectively reducing the appearance of existing hyperpignmentation, sunspots, discolouration, and mottled complexions.”

From U Beauty website

Gone are the days that I could call the brown spots on my face freckles. They used to be considered quite attractive and endearing when I was young. Now they are described as Age Spots and are not quite so appealing, especially as a couple are more like patches.

If you look on the U Beauty website, you will see some images before and after 60 days. From there, you will see the difference. It definitely fades the photo-damage.


It also hydrates my skin, and I have not been using it with any other moisturiser. It is pretty thick, so a little goes a long way. I have been popping a small amount in a tiny pot and carrying it with me to apply it during the day if I need to, which was handy on holiday.

The price tag is high at £160 but if you are worried about photo-damaged skin then the Multimodal Defender is a good investment.

And we have a 20% off + Free Shipping for UK residents. Use promo code UBEAUTYAG

FOR MORE INFO and to go to the U Beauty website.


This is beauty made simple as this newly launched tonic exfoliates, deeply cleanses and removes impurities. It is particularly beneficial to the neck and decolletage area. It is gentle enough to use every day from acne-prone teenage skin right through to post-menopausal ageing skin.

It is available from Marks & Spencer nationwide and online for £20. It definitely tightened my neck skin whilst my face skin appeared brighter and my makeup went on a lot smoother. The tightening is due to the Prai Beauty magic ingredient of INTENSYL®. It is packed with other ingredients, Aloe, Vitamins EE, B & C and since. It also contains Lactic Acid and Salicylic Acid to help reduce pore size and Papain Enzymes to reduce brown spots.

I love using this product as it makes my skin feel especially clean.


What is it about tweezers that they blunt, and you cannot pluck those fine hairs anymore? I have my favourite pair of tweezers by Tweezerman, and I loath to replace them. However, help is at hand with a tweezer file that you can sharpen your tweezers with just a few swipes. So easy to do and problem solved. I may not have to buy another pair of tweezers for some time. Thank you Tweezerfile®


Great vegan deodorant from Fussy that works. Plastic-free, compostable refills keep mother nature happy. All-natural, free from aluminium, parabens and 100% vegan. And the best bit, it works. I tried it this morning when doing my cardio workout, and still smelt fresh at the end.

Fussy is one of the most effective natural deodorants because it’s backed by science. There is a great choice of mild fragrances; none are overpowering. I can’t say which is my favourite as they all are.


This eyeglass cleaner from Peeps applies revolutionary carbon microfibre technology. It cleans the lens without spray or wipe and can serve for over 500 times of use.

I take this with me everywhere as it cleans my glasses brilliantly. No scratches from using a tissue that is made of wood fibres and therefore can scratch glass or the bottom of my jumper, which means any dirt on my glass ends up on my jumper.

Such a simple tool that makes life so much easier.


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