Health checks

The need to look after your physical and mental health has never been greater. We’ve partnered with LiveSmart to bring you comprehensive health checks that can help you safeguard your health and plan your lifestyle.


Rest Less is delighted to partner with LiveSmart to offer you their Health Assessments.

Created by doctors, LiveSmart easy-to-use test can tell you why you have low energy, find it difficult to lose weight, what foods are right for you and your lifestyle, and much more.


How it works

  • Use the fuss-free finger-prick blood test at home then pop it in the post
  • Fill in a brief online health survey
  • A doctor and dietitian will analyse your results
  • You’ll receive your bespoke health report and doctors’ recommendations online

What's in it for you?

  • A doctor and dietitian will write a report with recommendations on how to achieve your health goals
  • Get clear insights into how your lifestyle is impacting your internal health and how to make changes that can make a real impact
  • You get a health score between 0 and 100 that tells you how healthy you really are
This service is provided by LiveSmart and by purchasing, you agree to their privacy policy and terms of service.
LiveSmart Health Assessment

LiveSmart Health Assessments


This budget-friendly package helps people find out what changes are needed to protect the heart and keep physical and mental health in check. Focus is easy to personalise, too, so each individual can choose the bolt-ons that matter most to them.

What’s great about focus?

  • Best on a budget
  • Focusses on a vital heart health MOT
  • LiveSmart dietitians provide a bespoke health report with insights and advice to improve mind and body
  • Easy to personalise with flexible bolt-ons
  • Includes a fuss-free DIY blood test

What's included:

– Full lifestyle review
– Digital health report
– Heart conditions
– Flexible bolt-ons

Price: £30


This comprehensive at-home package examines the health of all major organs and tests for nutrient deficiencies, such as vitamin D, that could be causing constant tiredness or increased susceptibility to infection.

What’s great about Enhance?

  • Includes everything in Focus
  • Our doctors will send you a personalised health report packed with tailored advice

What's included:

– Full lifestyle review
– Digital health report
– Heart conditions
– Thyroid function
– Bone health
– Liver & kidney disease
– Vitamins & minerals

Price: £99


A well-deserved mind and body MOT, this thorough package examines the health of all major organs – with additional vitamin, mineral and hormone testing for a more in-depth look at how the body is performing.

What’s great about Perform?

  • Includes everything in Enhance
  • Includes a nurse-led blood test at your home
  • Our most comprehensive MOT
  • Includes 3 months of telephone or video health coaching as per your preference
  • Get a personalised health improvement plan created by your health coach

What's included:

– Full lifestyle review
– Digital health report
– Digital health improvement plan
– Heart conditions
– Diabetes risk
– Thyroid function
– Bone health
– Liver & kidney disease
– Inflammation
– Immune system
– Blood health
– Vitamins & minerals
– Health coaching

Price: £400

"Susan helped me focus on the most important parts of the report and made me realise there are connections between heart, thyroid and kidney function. I'm grateful for being steered away from over reliance on vitamin pills, eg. excessive vitamin D runs the risk of kidney stones! My wife was listening towards the end and we shall be taking on board all the key recommendations."

Arthur C

"I had family issues that were affecting my mental wellbeing. Susan was a breath of fresh air. She gave me ideas of how to manage my problems at home then phoned a week later to see how I was getting on. Her positive suggestions really worked. I don't know how things would have panned out without her help."

Sara J

"An eye opener to understand myself more, especially on the behaviour"

Mairi N


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