Beauty blogs and tutorials are some of the most popular forms of content on the internet. And today, some of the most influential fashion and beauty bloggers around are in their 50s and 60s.

All of them have a similar aim, which is to offer tips and advice on how you can look – and most importantly, feel – your best during midlife and beyond.

So if you’re seeking fashion advice, looking for a new skincare routine, or you simply enjoy reading about other people’s experiences, then why not spend some time exploring different fashion and beauty blogs?

To help you find one that suits your style, we’ve listed eight of the most popular ones for men and women. We’ll outline what you can expect from each blog, who the authors are, and more about their individual missions.

8 fashion and beauty blogs for women

1. Hot & Flashy

Hot & Flashy is a beauty blog for mature women who want to look and feel their best. It was created by 59-year-old blogger Angie, who has embraced her mature years and is now helping thousands of other women to become their most happy and confident selves.

Angie strongly believes that the key to maintaining your beauty lies in skincare, style, diet, and exercise. The most important thing, she explains, is not just about looking and feeling good, but staying healthy and fit so you can enjoy the next 20 to 40 years.

To that end, Hot & Flashy posts about skincare, makeup, fashion, hair, exercise, nutrition, and anti-ageing procedures. You can find articles on these topics on the Hot & Flashy website.

Or, if you prefer to watch and listen, you might want to check out the Hot & Flashy YouTube channel. With just over 1 million subscribers and frequent uploads, you’ll find everything from makeup product reviews to skincare tutorials.

2. Over 50 Feeling 40

Wife, mother, grandmother, and professional writer Pamela Lutrell started her blog Over 50 Feeling 40 in 2010 after getting to a stage of disliking her appearance made her want to reinvent herself.

Pamela says that it’s taken her on a journey of joy, peace, fun, confidence, and new directions, and her mission is to help other women experience the same. Warm and relatable, Pamela’s catchphrase is “The second half of life has been the most fun”, and her range of content spanning health, beauty, lifestyle and fashion, shows women how they can achieve this same outlook.

Whether you’re after tips for a brighter complexion or seasonal outfit ideas, you’ll find it all on Over 50 Feeling 40. Even better, Pamela also produces a range of content on other important topics like bone health and post-menopausal life.

3. The Middle Page

The Middle Page is a personal fashion blog run by Cathy Williamson. In the beauty section, you’ll find articles on a range of different topics, including sustainable beauty products, how to achieve fuller-looking hair, and reviews of different beauty brands.

In addition to beauty articles, The Middle Page also has fashion, home, and lifestyle sections to explore. Here, you’ll find content that covers things like how to style corduroy, different blazers to try, and the best colours for different seasons. Cathy herself is also very active online and frequently responds to readers’ comments on her blog posts.

For more content from The Middle Page, you can also follow the Facebook and Instagram page.

4. Vanity & Me

Vanity & Me is a fashion, beauty, and lifestyle blog run by Laurie Bronze, who’s looking forward to her 60th birthday next year. Born in Essex, Laurie’s profession is hairdressing and beauty therapy, and she’s passionate about sharing her knowledge and ideas with readers.

You’ll find various beauty articles that cover everything from product reviews, to tanning truths and make-up tips and tricks. However, fashion seems to be the central player of Laurie’s blog and she explains it’s been her passion since she was young.

Vanity & Me also has an Instagram, Facebook page, and YouTube channel. The YouTube videos are perfect for light viewing, or to have playing in the background when you’re doing something else. You’ll find fashion try-ons, makeup tutorials, skincare secrets, and lots more. Laurie also posts regular vlogs (video blogs) where you can get to know her better too.

5. SheShe Show

SheShe Show is a fashion and beauty blog run by Sheree Frede, and the name is inspired by her grandchildren’s nickname for her. Sheree’s blog has a warm, welcoming tone that’ll make you feel as though you’ve made a friend in her from the offset.

Full of life and loving anything colourful, Sheree’s fashion motto is “Don’t let age define your style” and she encourages mature ladies to dress how they wish, with confidence. Sheree believes that it’s her endless life stories and fashion experiences that set her apart from younger bloggers.

Across SheShe’s beauty, lifestyle, and fashion sections, you’ll find content spanning everything from must-have skincare products to breakdowns of popular fashion trends like layering.

Alongside her thriving blog, Instagram, and YouTube Channel, Sheree has also gone on to build several businesses including SheSheDesign and SheShe Boutique and Gallery.

6. FabuliciousFifty

Based on her motto “We all deserve to be fabulous”, Kerry started her blog FabuliciousFifty around five years ago after facing a tough period in her life.

FabuliciousFifty is built on the message of self-confidence, and Kerry’s aim is to help everyone – especially women over 50 – feel fabulous no matter what curveballs life throws at them.

Split into three distinct categories – How to look fabulous, How to feel fabulous, and Fabulous Reads – Fabulicious Fifty covers everything from beauty, skincare, fashion, and hair care, to self-care, tips on building a confident mindset, and helpful book reviews.

FabuliciousFifty is a raw, relatable, and inspiring account about a woman’s journey overcoming challenges to become her best self and embracing her mature beauty.

7. Fifty & Fab

On her blog, Fifty & Fab, busy wife and mother Michelle Green shares content on style, fashion, beauty, and health. Relatable and honest, Michelle explains that Fifty & Fab is an ever-evolving project and like everyone else, is learning as she goes along.

A self-confessed shopaholic, and eager to learn more about nutrition and exercise, Michelle talks about her own experiences in the hope of inspiring other women to live midlife to the fullest by looking and feeling fabulous.

On Fifty & Fab, you’ll find blog posts on topics like; the truth about bra fitting, how to build confidence through fashion, and how to create the perfect natural makeup look.

8. Chic At Any Age

Wife, mother, and grandmother Josephine Lalwan started the fashion and beauty blog Chic At Any Age 10 years ago at the age of 60. The blog is based on the premise that women of all ages can continue to look chic and stylish in later life.

At the moment, Josephine’s main focus is on building a sustainable and practical wardrobe, avoiding the negatives of fast fashion, and encouraging women to buy less and make the most of their existing wardrobes.

Recent blog posts cover how to adapt summer clothes for winter, sustainable clothing choices, and tips to look put together in simple outfits every day.

5 fashion and grooming blogs for men

1. Permanent Style

Aptly named, Permanent Style is a gentlemen’s style blog that provides timeless advice for men of all ages. The blog was initially set up as a hobby by author, journalist, husband, and father-of-three Simon Compton, as a place to express his views on the style and quality of male clothing.

However, since its launch in 2007, Simon has become a celebrated style icon around the world, and regularly consults with various brands and artisans.

Simon’s unique access to figures in the industry allows him to offer his audience at Permanent Style an unrivalled in-depth analysis of clothing items, and interesting information about things like the best bespoke tailors and the ins and outs of luxury retail. You’ll also find plenty of fun and engaging articles, like this analysis of style hero Richard Burke, a character from the television show Friends, played by Tom Selleck.

There are three posts a week, a weekly newsletter, regular events, and Permanent Style readers also frequently comment and engage in discussion on the site.

2. Grey Fox Blog

Run by David Evans, a husband and father in his 60s, the Grey Fox Blog was started in 2011 and covers style, fashion, and lifestyle topics for all men.

David believes that many men and women over 40 find it tricky to know how to dress and where to buy clothes because, despite their relatively huge spending power in the industry, big brands tend to ignore them as an age group. Sparking discussion on this interesting topic was David’s initial reason for starting Grey Fox, but it has since grown into a widely popular men’s style blog.

David’s passionate about taking an ethical approach to clothing and champions the idea of wearing clothes until they’re worn out, then patching and mending them when needed. In line with this, recent Grey Fox articles include a review of British-made sustainable outdoor wear, and guidance on buying vintage and pre-used watches.

3. Grooming Lounge

Founded and led by Michael Gilman, the team of experts at Grooming Lounge answer all men’s grooming questions – providing grooming advice, tricks, and tips all in one place.

With an endless library of helpful grooming articles covering the main areas of bodycare, haircare, skincare, beards, shaving, and grooming tools, we’d be surprised if your questions weren’t answered here.

Grooming Lounge will direct you to the best products (also available to buy on site), provide guidance on how to shave your head, eliminate ingrown hair, and answer random questions like what beard styles suit different face shapes.

4. Silver Londoner

Keith Summers – otherwise known as the Silver Londoner – posts stylish fashion advice for men. Set up as an account for his own personal style, Keith aims to post content that makes both himself and his audience feel good about themselves.

While initially aimed at men in their 40s, Silver Londoner’s friendly approach and accessible content transcends this age group and is relevant for all men.

In his 40s himself, Keith posts regular content on everything from how to dress in smart suits, casual looks for work, and everything in between. You’ll also find articles on specific clothing trends like gingham shirts, layering, and casual chinos; including how to style them.

5. Effortless Gent

Effortless Gent is all about simple, foundational clothing, and building a reliable – yet fashionable – wardrobe that can cater to any event. Created in 2009 by Barron Cuadro, Effortless Gent aims to help men who don’t know much about clothing or fashion to build their own style tastes and preferences.

Here, men can find information on everything from how to build a basic wardrobe full of all the clothing essentials and classics, to how different clothing items should fit, and what colours and clothes pair well together.

The site is also split into various sections including ‘smart casual’, ‘business attire’, ‘accessories’, and ‘grooming’, so it’s easy to find more specific advice too. In the shop section of Effortless Gent, you’ll also find clothing recommendations and where to find them.

Final thoughts…

Fashion and beauty blogs are popular for a reason. When done right, they can be a great place to seek style inspiration, as well as entertainment and a sense of community.

Looking and feeling our best can go a long way in boosting our confidence and self-esteem. So if you fancy trying a new trend or switching up your current beauty routine, why not spend some time exploring a fashion and beauty blog today?

You can also find more content – including how to cut the cost of your beauty routine and how to dress with colour and confidence – in the fashion and beauty section of our website.

What fashion and beauty blogs do you follow? What do you think makes a good fashion and beauty blog? We’d love to hear from you in the comments below.